Lido Walking Tour

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Lido Walking Tour is a 25.6 kilometer out and back trail located near Giudecca, Veneto, Italy that offers scenic views. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and walking.

25.6 km
76 m
Out & Back

kid friendly




Sitting between the Adriatic Sea and the lagoon of Venice, the island of Lido spans 12 kilometers and gives visitors a taste of real life with its beaches and laid back atmosphere. Over time, Lido has been the destination of many wishing to experience Venice at a slower pace with fewer crowds. Writers and poets such as Goethe, Lord Byron and T. Mann, who used the Hotel Des Bains as the set for 'Death in Venice,' have made Lido home. Many native Venetians go to this tranquil seaside resort every day in the summer to spend time at the beach, but the island is more than just a beach destination. Next to Lido, accessible by ferry and bus, is the small island of Pellestrina, home to fisherman and stunning sunsets. Despite the proximity to Venice, Lido and Pellistrina maintain their own identities, cultural festivities, and charm.