Rifugio Passo delle Selle Loop is a 11.9 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Pozza di Fassa, Trentino-South Tyrol, Italy that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and backpacking and is best used from May until October.

11.9 km
999 m



nature trips




historic site

Leave the car in Val Monzoni where the ban on private vehicles begins, continue on foot. After the Pont de Ciamp we arrive at Rifugio Monzoni and continue after 15 minutes at the homonymous hut. The slope is now felt, and the landscape changes, the vegetation begins to thin out when you arrive at the graceful Rifugio Taramelli. From then on, the landscape becomes a typical high mountain ... through a small snowfield, then fording a beautiful waterfall. This year the snows have been abundant and the summer is late to arrive so along the way there are streams full of water and numerous snowfields. The always well marked path climbs without ever presenting great difficulties until you reach the lake of Selle. One last stretch rather steep and I arrive at a valley at the bottom of which we see the Rifugio Passo delle Selle ... to get there I have to carefully cross a wide snowfield and a rather stony area, left free from the snow ... the path is hidden by the presence of the snow. Stop at the shelter and then resume the journey on which will allow me to bypass the Costabella chain through the Forcella dell'Ort. The trail is an unpaved track carved on a scree that in the 50 m before reaching the fork has a very important slope, with a friable bottom such as to force me to advance hands on the ground for a few meters. The fork is a narrow gap between vertical rocks. Beyond the landscape suddenly changes ... I find myself in front of a very large snowfield and immediately known that in many places the equipped trail "Gino Badia" is submerged by snow. I do not see any traces of passing other people but I still decide to continue paying close attention. The snow is compact and in some places icy but I can always find good supports on the rock even without using the wire rope. The last stretch of equipped trail is completely covered by compact snow ... not having the crampons I decide to tackle which stretch slipping for a few meters on a stretch where the slope is slightly accentuated. Then I continue on the snow until I get to see the splendid Lagusel basin. The snow thins out more and more but always hides the track and forces me to take alternative directions. Arrived at the fork of the Pief the path becomes easier, there is no more snow but a well-marked and well-marked path that descends fairly easy in the middle of pastures. I follow the path that then goes into the woods until you reach the Pont de Ciamp and from there return to the starting point following the road that I had traveled at the beginning of the excursion.