Photos of Fanes to Sare

Distance: 7.5 miles Elevation Gain: 908 feet Route Type: Point to Point


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1 month ago

I did not walk the trail as a point to point hike, but as an out and back version of the valley. So the trail first leads through a larch forest and then steeply uphill along a rock face. The path is very well secured there. Then through a long valley with a great view to the pasture. From there a bit uphill and past a first small lake until it goes down to the Lavarella hut. There is a beautiful lake with green water surrounded by pine trees. It goes back the same way, the total is compared to other paths in the Dolomites actually only moderate. The difficulty lies only in the fact that the way in this variant is more than 20 kilometers long and you have to overcome about 900 vertical meters.

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