The Fenestrelle Fortress Hike

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The Fenestrelle Fortress Hike is a 5.3 kilometer loop trail located near Chambons, Torino, Italy that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and walking.

5.3 km
551 m

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Welcome to the largest mountain fortification in Europe. A fortress that was so big it was impossible to besiege! A fortress that by its sheer presence changed the path of history without firing a single shot! A fortress that is unique in its construction and saw service for nearly 200 years! The fortress of Fenestrelle was constructed in 1728 after the Spanish war of Succession to defend the newly claimed Piemontese Territory against the French. The only Piemontese fortress to survive the Napoleonic period. During Napoleon's rule it became the most feared political prison in Europe, Frances 9th Bastille. A fortress that inspired the story of the Count of Monte Christo and several other literary classics. It houses the longest covered stairway in the world! (3997 steps)