Capri Town to Arco Naturale Loop

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Capri Town to Arco Naturale Loop is a 4.3 kilometer loop trail located near Capri, Napoli, Italy that features a cave. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and nature trips.

4.3 km
257 m


nature trips

trail running




historic site

This loop from Capri Town takes you down to the Arco Naturale, a large natural arch on the eastern coast of Capri. The path back takes you easily around rugged southeastern cliffs. On the way back you pass the Grotta di Mattermania, a cave with Roman remains, the Villa Malaparte, a futuristic house sitting atop a low headland, and views of the Faraglione, three limestone fangs rising from the sea.

6 months ago

2017SEP16 Started out overcast day, but quickly cleared to be a beautiful fay! Epic scenery! Great moderate hike!

8 months ago

Treat yourself to an overnight stay (or two) in Capri, like I did. My mid-October visit helped reduce crowds, but seeing the island after most tourists leave gives you a more intimate experience with this gem. Capri is riddled with paths to every corner -- explore them! -- you'll find yourself strolling through narrow alleyways of gorgeous gated homes, winding through quiet forests, and landing at the crashing sea with its intricate rock formations. Plus, the paths are dotted with tiny bistros for an unforgettable espresso, wine, or meal break (I had the best clam linguini of my life along this trek!). This path is more walk than hike, but its length and inclines still provide a good workout. Go, enjoy the more remote Capri, away from the typical tourist hangouts!

8 months ago