Tracciolino: Verceia, Valle dei Ratti, San Giorgio, Novate Mezzola)

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Tracciolino: Verceia, Valle dei Ratti, San Giorgio, Novate Mezzola) is a 19.2 kilometer loop trail located near Verceia, Lombardy, Italy that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options.

Distance: 19.2 km Elevation Gain: 1,227 m Route Type: Loop




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Duration: 5-6 hours Path with breathtaking views that winds along the tracks of the "tracciolino", a 12 km rail route built in the 1930's to transport men and materials from the cable car of the Valle dei Ratti to the Val Codera. Directions: Once in Verceia (50 min from Milan via SS36), park in Via San Francesco (note that it is very small, difficult to see). From here, take the climb towards the Valle dei Ratti, a series of hairpin bends on asphalt of about 5 km, with a gradient of about 14 degrees. The asphalt road then becomes a dirt road, and after another kilometer you reach the start of the hiking trails. At this point, after having filled the water with the fountain, one must climb the path towards Tracciolino - Val Codera. The stretch is not rideable, so if you are biking you will have to carry your bike on your shoulder for a good half hour. Once at the tracciolino, follow the tracks in the opposite direction to Val Codera (then turning left, coming from the slope). The entire track on the rail is practically flat (about 1000m), dug on an almost vertical wall of the mountain, and will allow you to enjoy breathtaking views of the valley below, of Colico and of Lake Como. It is worthwhile to take advantage of this stretch to refresh yourself and to regain your energy. Following the Tracciolino you will come to a long and dark tunnel (absolutely bring a torch!), which you will have to navigate (this piece is really like an Indian Jones!) A series of caves will finally take you to the heart of the wild Valle dei Ratti, which you will go downhill towards San Giorgio. Beautiful high steps and tight hairpin bends, but with a little technique (and courage) you can do almost everything on your bike (if you are riding this route). The path leads to a stony section, from which you then have to take a climb through the lush vegetation that leads to San Giorgio. You will probably have to carry your bike on your shoulder again here if you are riding. San Giorgio is a charming village about 800 meters high, accessible only by a small path, and wonderfully well kept. It is worth dedicating the right time to visit this little gem, taking advantage of the opportunity to regain energy before the last stretch. The final descent is very steep serpentine stone that joins San Giorgio to Novate Mezzola, carved into the almost vertical wall of the mountain. This trait is definitely very technical, especially for super-tight hairpins. The descent ends in the quarry of Novate Mezzola from which, along the lake, it is easy to return to Verceia and to the parking lot. A truly fabulous ride or hike.

2 months ago

This trail is a true gem, unexpected and unusual, with great balcony views about 2000 feet above the valley floor. Most of the trail runs flat along abandoned railroad tracks which were used to build the hydroelectric infrastructure. Then it passes through several real fun hiking tunnels. Better bring a headlight for these. Don’t miss making a little detour to the town of Cola, it’s gonna wow you all the way, almost confuse you, how such a lovely antique town can be there. The hike down through the mountain town San Giorgio is like a time walk through a millennia of history. There’s a carved stone where they used to mummify the dead. These towns are only reachable by foot. Another thousand feet down and you’re back on the valley floor. The hike is not difficult at all, it’s just a bit long. Very much recommended.

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