San Maurizo to Monte Boletto via Via Bel Paese

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San Maurizo to Monte Boletto via Via Bel Paese is a 9.5 kilometer lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Brunate, Lombardy, Italy that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and trail running.

Distance: 9.5 km Elevation Gain: 411 m Route Type: Out & Back





partially paved


wild flowers


Trip from San Maurizio (Brunate) to Monte Boletto. Starting from San Maurizo means that you are already quite high, so the hike itself climbs only a further few hundred metres. The walk at the start is paved, then gravel, and dirt track near the summit. Not a demanding hike for anyone. Beautiful to do it early in the morning. Not many people on the trail, but those you do meet greet with a friendly 'Buon Goirno' :) Part of the trail seems popular with mountain cyclists. At summit, spectacular views of Lago di Como, the mountains ridgeline (dorsale), southwards over the plains of Lombaria towords Milano, and to the west, the Alps - great view of Monte Rossa in the distance.

Great trail, mostly cobblestone until the last scramble to first summit. The recorded trail ends shortly thereafter, but if you have time you can push to the next for more spectacular views of Lake Como. Lots of mountain bikers, so be aware, but no issues. Great way to get in the mountains without driving too far. The drive up to the trailhead is narrow and could be challenging. Another option would be to take the funicular up, but that would add some more steep climbing.

Paved or cobblestones almost all the way except the last steel bit to the top. Very beautiful and hardly anyone on the trail when we went.