Passo di Campagneda is a 13.4 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Lanzada, Lombardy, Italy that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and backpacking.

Distance: 13.4 km Elevation Gain: 837 m Route Type: Loop










Do you have half a day off? So, if it's sunny, go for this ride. Arrive with the car at the exit of the second tunnel that you find on the road to Campo Moro and park it, there begins a dirt road with signs for Campagneda and Rifugio Ca 'Runcasc. Following this route you arrive in little more than half an hour (at a brisk pace) at the Rifugio Ca 'Runcsc, and after another hour and a half you reach the Campagneda Pass at an altitude of 2,636 meters / asl. The beauty lies in this second part of the walk because there are a dozen ponds, one more beautiful than the other. The Campagneda Pass is another place that deserves because from there (the Italian-Swiss border) you enjoy a beautiful view, and all the peaks and glaciers of the Valmalenco. To avoid returning from the same road, go down to the last lakes of Campagneda and take the detour (on the left) that leads to the Cristina Refuge reaching Prabello (just a beautiful meadow). Then to return to the starting point you can go down along an old path that leads to the Sasso dell'Agnello that leads to the road that goes to the dams of Campo Moro. To reach the car, on the other hand, you have to follow it for about one and a half kilometers, passing through the first two tunnels. Good walking @

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