Rome Family Friendly Walking Tour

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Rome Family Friendly Walking Tour is a 13.8 kilometer heavily trafficked loop trail located near Roma, Lazio, Italy that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for walking and is accessible year-round.

13.8 km
233 m

kid friendly



city walk

historic site

If you're looking for a travel experience tailored to entertain, amuse and educate your kids while exploring the history-filled Eternal City, follow this guide along landmark monuments right in the city center. Learn about a fascinating legend, breathe in smog-free air in a hilltop city park, feed wild animals and then opt for a stimulating museum visit, a taste of fantasy Roman history and a little-known creepy stop, only for brave young travelers. This area of Rome can easily be seen in a half day or take much longer, depending on how much time you spend exploring each attraction.

5 months ago

Great walk around Rome.

11 months ago

Fantastic self Tour of Rome. Photos suggest you can see interior of Coliseum. You can only if u pay to get in.

trail running
1 month ago