Luggala (Fancy Mountain) via East Gully

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Luggala (Fancy Mountain) via East Gully is a 8.7 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Sleamaine, Wicklow, Ireland that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding.

8.7 km
567 m



nature trips



A short challenging hike up a well know Wicklow mountain, taking in some fantastic views of Lough Tay. Parking is along the side of the road at the large iron gates just off the R759. Cross the road and "squeeze" through the swinging gate, and follow the road down in a large Zig Zag. You will pass several cottages and a large farmhouse before crossing a small wooden Bridge. At this point you leave the road and cross a Stile into a green field. Here you turn right and head north directly towards Lough Tay. The ground here is quite rocky and in places boggy so care must be taken. The South East Face of Luggala is is directly in front of you. You will cross a small boulder field before the ground begins to rise steeply. Follow the line on Waypoint 5 directly up the Gully. Note there is plenty of loose rock, however the ground is not that steep that they will pick up much speed. About 3 quarters the way up the gully you can veer right or left. Once on the ridge follow the trail West along the ridge to the summit. Note the ground here is very boggy so care must be taken. Follow a SE bearing off the top and back along a (eroded) trail. The trip to see the old village ruins is optional. If you want to avoid this simply keep to the trail which will bring you back to the Stile (Waypoint 2). The village is worth a visit however, and is usually overlooked by walkers. Follow a reverse route back up the valley to where you started!

26 days ago

Do not underestimate the challenge of the steep climb to the ridge. There is no trail from the bottom and up but you are still heading the right direction if you aim for the part of the ridge that you see on the photo with the red drawing on. You will need to use both hands to secure yourself on the very steep last part of the slope which was also treacherously slipppery on top of being supersteep. Not for everyone!! We took the left direction on the photo, the right seemed too dangerous. Fantastic view once you are up. Can be accessed from the other direction instead.

8 months ago