Mocollop to The Piers Loop

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Mocollop to The Piers Loop is a 13.0 kilometer loop trail located near Shanavoota, Waterford, Ireland. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, and trail running.

13 km
499 m


trail running


This walk will bring you to 'The Piers', overlooking the Clounagad River in a beautiful valley which runs through the hills between Ballyduff and Araglin. Begin at the car park at the end of Mocollop Glen, 1.2 miles from Ballyduff (on the Fermoy side), and proceed up the glen. The nearby Mocollop Castle, which gives its name to this area of the Blackwater Valley, is a source of much antiquity. The name 'Mocollop' comes from the Irish name 'Maghcolpa', which translates as 'Plain of the Cattle'. Walk up the beautiful glen and through the woods with the stream on your left. Follow this road, which meanders past a number of farms, until you reach a T junction. Turn right here and proceed for a third of a mile. Take the next left turn, onto the road which leads to Araglin. Turn right at the first turn - bringing you onto 'The Piers' - and, after coming to the end of this road, turn right and follow the road down to Ballyduff. Along this route you will be able to enjoy one of the most scenic views of the Blackwater Valley. Turn right and walk through the village. Follow the road out of the village and continue until you reach the Mocollop car park. This is a very busy road, so take all due care.