The Bluestack Way: Lough Eske to Letterfad

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The Bluestack Way: Lough Eske to Letterfad is a 16.3 kilometer point-to-point trail located near Donegal, Donegal, Ireland that features a lake. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and walking.

16.3 km
562 m
Point to Point





Enter the heart of the Bluestacks from Lough Eske to Letterfad via the Eglish valley. You'll have enjoyed two good days on the Bluestack Way at this stage, but what comes next is possibly the best part of it. The sight of the pristine and perfectly manicured Tymeen football pitch, the sacred serenity of Disert, the hulking presence of Carnaween, the agony of climbing up Lugnabrogue, the ecstasy of getting to the top and admiring the best view in Ireland, the calmness of Doobin, the surreal sight of a sofa just when you want one and the joy of seeing Glenties are yours to behold - this is one special section. Starting off at Lough Eske Castle by the banks of Lough Eske and at the base of the magnificent Bluestack mountains, the second part of The Bluestack Way App meanders by the shore before rising to give you a panoramic view of the area right across to county Tyrone before entering the valley of Eglish, passing Owenboy and getting us as far as Letterfad bog before settling for the night at The Bluestack Centre. Some of the treats you can expect to find on today's walk are the (possible) sighting of golden eagles, Californian redwoods, red deer, blue hare and every sort of flora from marsh marigolds to cuckoo flowers, meadowsweet to umbellifers. You're in a place of immense beauty and fresh air where lichen grows freely as it does where air is truly fresh and where everyone from Fionn McCumhail to friars, gentry to bandits have visited and savoured.