Graves of the Leinstermen Loop

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Graves of the Leinstermen Loop is a 5.6 kilometer loop trail located near Newtown, North Tipperary, Ireland. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and walking.

5.6 km
327 m

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This Loop Walk follows minor roads and laneways to ascend Tountinna (459m) where breathtaking views of Lough Derg await This is a 6km walking loop starting at the Graves of Leinstermen and moving on minor roads through pleasant countryside. It then leaves the road turning into the Arra Mountains. The loop continues up to the summit, Tountinna, where the views of Lough Derg and the surrounding countryside are truly spectacular. Then the loop descends steeply back to the trailhead. The long distance linear walk known as the Lough Derg Way takes in part of this Loop. According to tradition, it is here that the men of Leinster and their King met their deaths at the hands of High King Brian Boru's soldiers, around 1000AD. It appears that while High King Brian Boru was away at war, his wife Gormlaith was left in control of his affairs. A beautiful and cunning queen of Viking heritage, she discovered that the Leinster King was on his way to Kincora (near Killaloe - the residence of Brian Boru) to claim the hand of Brian's daughter in marriage. She was not in favour of the alliance and decided to ambush the party they passed over Tountinna. The battle resulted in the death of the Leinster King, who requested that he be buried within sight of his Leinster Kingdom. According to the legend, his followers then buried him under the ancient standing stones at this spot.

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6 days ago

Incredible views of Lough Derg from the top. Steep hike up Tountinna but with the option of steps now in the places where previously it would have been most difficult.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

cold but fun

2 months ago