Mount Hillary Loop is a 10.9 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Carraghrour, Cork, Ireland that features a great forest setting. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and nature trips.

10.9 km
347 m


nature trips

trail running




no shade

This loop begins in the car park at the forestry entrance in Knightfield, on the northern slopes of Mount Hillary. Enter the forestry via the barrier and follow the red arrows. Initially, blue and green arrows will also be guiding your path, but you will leave these behind later. Ascend gently for almost a tenth of a mile to reach a crossroads. Turn right here. Follow the forestry road for 1 mile to reach an uphill track on your left. All three loops turn left here and, after a short uphill climb, emerge onto another forestry road. Here, the green loop turns left. You turn right following the blue and red arrows. Follow the forestry road as it sweeps around to the left for almost 2 miles. Take the next right turn, up a narrow track along which you continue to climb gradually to reach the summit. After passing the summit and all the masts, the loop sweeps back to rejoin the blue loop at a three-way junction where you will turn right. Continuing downhill, the loop swings sharply to the left at a junction and, a third of a mile later, rejoins the green loop at another three-way junction. Now all three loops turn downhill (to the right). Descend along the forestry road, passing straight through the crossroads where you began your walk in earnest. You will reach the trailhead, and your starting point, roughly a tenth of a mile from here.

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Well marked trails for shorter and longer routes. A steep hike can be done from car park to straight up to the top as well.

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