The Sheep's Head Way: Glanlough Loop is a 15.4 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Durrus, Cork County, Ireland that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding.

15.4 km
495 m



nature trips



wild flowers

GLANLOUGH LOOP – PURPLE ARROWS Start/Finish : The Ahakista Trailhead at Arundels by the pier car park Minimum Gear : Walking boots, rain gear, fluid and a mobile phone. From the car park at Ahakista take a right onto the public road and continue on until you arrive at a tee junction (Ahakista Bridge). Take a right here and then the first left as per the finger post sign for Glanlough. At the next finger post sign keep right for Glanlough and the Mass Path. Follow the purple arrows along the road for awhile until you go off road and over a style. At The Mass Path Junction sign/way marker no. 151, take the S.H.W. East Glanlough/Bantry option and continue along the ridge. At way marker no. 111 you will begin to descend in a north easterly direction until you will reach way marker no. 91 at the road. Keep right and continue along the road, at way marker no. 90 keep left and at way marker no. 89 turn right, continue on up the road following the purple arrows passing the car park at Glanlough. At the finger post sign for “Durrus” turn left and stay along the road until you reach way marker no. 512. At this point you turn right off road and onto a track and continue along in a south westerly direction. At way marker no. 498 you will veer right and continue on until you join the road again at way marker no. 490. Follow the purple arrows again along the road and at way marker no. 487 turn right up another road. Continue along the road and at way marker no. 483 turn left off road in a westerly direction. When you reach way marker no. 462 turn left onto the road which leads you back to the tee junction, take a right here and this will lead you back to Ahakista bridge, and at the bridge take a left for the car park at Arundels by the pier. Note : Be aware of weather conditions and cut away peat bogs along the loop walk. Be aware of any livestock on the land, especially any Bulls. Please do not exit marked trails only on marked routes. No dogs are allowed on The Sheep’s Head Way. Emergency: Phone 999 or 112 and state whether you need Ambulance, Gardaí (police), Fire Brigade or Mountain Rescue.  To identify your location please quote the number of the nearest way marker pole or your GPS/grid co-ordinates.