Mount Batur

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Mount Batur is a 7.6 kilometer loop trail located near Banjar Toyabungkah, Bali, Indonesia that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and walking.

7.6 km
665 m




Located about an hour drive north of Ubud, Mount Batur is Bali's most active volcano, so check around to see if it safe to climb. There are many local guides who will take you to the top, usually starting around 4am to see the sunrise. You can also choose to go on your own, but expect to get harassed some by the pushy guides who feel entitled to force visitors pay them for their (mostly unnecessary) services.

19 days ago

The sunrise view is worthy to wake up at 3:30 and start the journey up to the top.
On the way back we went a long road, around crater and it was very nice too.
Gide is highly recommended.

2 months ago

The view on the top is awesome !! A must see ! After that, way too many peoples on the track !

6 months ago

I slid in the volcanic ash and brought home a nice souvenir scar!

6 months ago

This is an amazing experience of a hike.i had to convince my husband to do this with me as he was not into the idea of waking up at 2 to go hiking, but he was glad I did. I hardly ever take the time to write reviews on here but seeing how few have actually rated this trail, I felt it deserved more than what it has been given. We did the tour just to avoid any complications. I am very glad we did as our tour guide was able to show us an amazing bat cave. The view from the top is so beautiful. It’s an experience you just don’t typically get. We had our breakfast cooked over a steam hole from the volcano and it was amazing how hot the steam was. On our way down we came across a village of monkeys who were not shy at all. They enjoyed everyone’s snacks and would just on your shoulder or head wherever you were. I do want to point out these monkeys were far more friendly than the ones at the monkey forest in Ubud. One of my favorite hikes to this day and I will forever treasure the experience at mt banter

7 months ago

This was the worst experience I have ever had in Indonesia. I strongly suggest finding another mountain to hike. To climb the mountain, you have an option to take a tour. The tour is 375000Rp, which includes breakfast and transportation. However, being an avid hiker, me and my friends decided we do not need help climbing this mountain, and would prefer to do it ourselves. We rented motorbikes and drove to the mountain at 2:00 AM to catch the sunrise. When we got there, we were told by the locals that we had to take a tour. We politely declined, and said we were interested in climbing ourselves. The locals then said that they would kill us if we took another step towards the mountain without taking the tour. We offered to pay 120000Rp (the cost of 4 people taking the tour), but told them we would still like to hike alone. They got offended, and more of them came. We were surrounded by roughly 40 locals, and they all had weapons. They told us to take a tour or go home or get killed.

I would have done the tour, but why am I going to pay someone 300000Rp to walk with me up the mountain after him and his friends just threatened to kill me and my friends?

If you do decide to climb the mountain; please be aware you MUST take a tour for your own safety. These people are not good people, and I will not give them any money.

9 months ago

It was a steep climb (which apparently there are multiple ways to get up)... took a couple of hours and was very cold at the top. It was a great view, but limited due to fog. I would recommend! Oh, and they use steam from the volcano to cook hard boiled eggs. Pretty neat.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Great sunrise hike which is a great outing from Ubud!

19 days ago

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