Maunawili Trail from Pali Overlook

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Maunawili Trail from Pali Overlook is a 10.4 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and mountain biking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 10.4 miles Elevation Gain: 3,772 feet Route Type: Point to Point

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This trail starts at the Pali Overlook, traverses the Old Pali Road, then continues to Waimanalo. The map shown portrays this hike as a one-way, but hikers can return the way they came as well.

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26 days ago

1 month ago

Amazing trail. I wouldn’t rate it hard difficulty wise. it did take about 3 hours (got off track once) but it was totally worth it. BRING A LOT OF WATER (& maybe food)

over grown
7 months ago

I began at the Old Pali Road trailhead at Koolau Golf Course. Instead of going right once you cross under Pali highway, turn left and enter in between te chain link fence and the mountainside. The trail is decent enough to be a trail run for about a mile, but quickly becomes overgrown, muddy, and rocky. The trail hugs the mountainside as it circles behind Maunawili and heads toward Waimanolo. It becomes so overgrown that slipping is almost inevitable. It’s obvious that at one time it was maintained but has fallen into disrepair. The views are absolutely incredible. I might begin from Waimanolo next time to see if the trail is worth completing. As a side note, you can hike up to K1 and K2 via Piliwale Ridge Trail. The trail looked steep but navigable.

Fri Dec 21 2018

8.3 Miles ....I think not in fact I know not. This hike out and back worked out to 21.98 miles so lets just round that out to 22 miles and call it 11 miles each way. I started this one from the Pali Overlook. The first leg out the weather was great and so was the hiking, it took about 5 hours to complete the one way hike. This hike is a great hike for all skill levels wet or dry. For those novice hikers who want to work on their endurance this one is a great hike to do. This hike also presents a wide verity of challenges, there are trees to climb over, trees to duck and craw under, lots of rocks to navigate around, dry streams to work your way through, rock slides to climb over, narrow parts of the trail to walk, lots of up and down to work on and there is even one cliff/ledge to walk across. For those intermediate and advanced hikers I highly recommend the out and back. It took me 10 Hours and 5 Minutes to complete the round trip. It was clear sky's when I headed out on the hike and it was easy going all the way to the other end. When I started the trip back it started to rain and rained all the way back to the top of the Pali. The trip back presented a lot more challenges, lots of mud, the trail got very slick and slippery, crossing streams became a challenge as you can imagine the rocks were very slick, climbing over fallen trees and crawling under some fallen trees became a very muddy event but over all thoroughly enjoyed this hike and would recommend it to everyone. Take lots of water and snacks especially if you are doing the out and back. If you do not want to get wet I would recommend that you take along a rain suite, both top and bottoms and one last thing I would recommend is a good pair of hikers with good grips. I would just like to add a thank you to AllTrails for updating this one to reflect the increased distance.

Sun Sep 09 2018

It is easy to squeeze between the gate and the rock wall (even for a bigger guy). Easy hike, passed a few families, with great views. We only went to the falls (there didn't appear to be much of a reason to take the road all the way to the golf course). The falls trail had been impacted by some recent wash out.... nothing unmanageable though.

Mon Aug 13 2018

This was for sure closer to 10 miles one way, beautiful trail with lots of tiny waterfalls and beautiful views.

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Wed Jul 18 2018

This hike is closer to 10 miles. Be prepared for passing showers and a slippery, sometimes precipitous trail. The Waimanalo end of the trail is too narrow for bikes.

Thu Jun 28 2018

I did this trail backwards, starting from Waimanalo and ending at Pali lookout. There are some forks at the beginning, so stay on the widest(bigger) path so you don’t get lost. It connects to the Maunawili trail, so follow the sign for that. You will be on this trail most of the time. Wet and hazardous conditions ahead. Watch your step and pack accordingly. Bring a friend or at least tell someone where you are going. You could die. Plenty of water sources along the trail, I suggest bringing a filtration system. I recorded this trail with AllTrails pro, and it logged 12 miles. I finished in 7.5 hours with strained left hip muscle, so it can be done faster. About 1/2 of the way up, the trail seems to end. I saw a blue ribbon which signifies the wrong way. Instead, go up the dry stream about 20 feet and the trail continues. I’m glad I explored a bit before turning back. Theres no where to camp so don’t plan on staying over. I would suggest experienced hikers only with good dexterity. When you get to the end of the Maunawili trail, swing a left up the dirt steps toward the old Pali road. Bypass the “under the bridge” and continue along the old Pali road. The last part of the hike is gravel with some awesome (and rewarding) views along the way. When you get to Pali lookout you’ll have to either jump over a six foot high locked gate or squeeze around the left side of the gate. Its a tight squeeze so if you have a big belly you won’t fit. Good luck out there and stay safe!

Tue Apr 17 2018

Very beautiful hike. They did update the gate outside the Pali lookout, but still somewhat easy to sneak through the sides on the gate.

Sat Mar 17 2018

They did put up a gate, making it way harder to get passed, unless you’re daring. So disappointing because this was one of my favorites.

Sat Feb 24 2018

Very nice and relaxing hike. I will be doing this again soon. It was wet before I got there and it poured rain while hiking out but I still loved every bit of it!

Tue Feb 20 2018

I ran this trail in reverse, from Waimanalo to Pali Lookout. It had been raining for the past 2 days so it was quite slippery but otherwise it was a great time. It is definitely more challenging in reverse as it it goes up hill most of the way. It totaled out at just under 20 kilometers.

Fri Feb 02 2018

Awesome hike when it’s dry, the road and terrain gets muddy and slippery when wet, take caution.

Mon Jan 15 2018

1/15/2018-Started around 0800 and only came across 1 group of 3 people and 1 biker during our trek. Wasn’t too sunny but the view from Pali Lookout was beautiful as always.

Mon Nov 20 2017

Used this trail from the small trailhead off the pali at the sharp curve. Hiked halfway to Maunawili Falls Connection to make it to the falls. Great hike, beautiful long mountain views. Falls is great with 10, 15, and 30 foot cliff jumping into small pool.

Sun Oct 22 2017

Started the hike at the Pali Lookout. Bypassed the barricade with caution. Great views, easy trail to follow, several down branches to climb over but nothing dangerous. At mile 4.9 the trail is giving way which is where I turned around because I was hiking alone and decided to use common sense. I’ll return again to complete the hike when I can get a friend to come with me.

Tue Jul 18 2017

Once past the paved section (where the noise of the highway is distracting), turns out to be a nice hike. Mostly flat with some small elevation gains/loses. I stopped about halfway and did an out and back, ended up being 10.5 miles. Added to my list to do the entire trail as an out and back to make for a long day I see that this hike is marked as Hard...the only factor that makes it hard is the length, the path itself is pretty easy / not dangerous, though may be muddy after it rains

Fri Jul 14 2017


Tue Jun 27 2017

did this hike in late June, path was closed and barricaded due to da her of falling rocks; however it is easy to get past. views are incredible and the hike is generally easy.

Sun May 28 2017

5/28/2017-Started from Pali Lookout this time and hike was a little slick from rain last night. A little humid with the sun being out and some mosquitoes otherwise views from the top were great!

Sat May 20 2017

5/20/2017-Husband and I chose the trailhead at Ko'olau Golf Course to start from and after a couple of wrong turns, managed to find our way to Pali Lookout. Encountered several groups on the way up and enjoyed the wonderful scenery!

Tue Apr 11 2017

You can take this road from the Pali Lookout to a pretty cool and unique waterfall underneath the (New) Pali Highway. Also the views along Old Pali Road itself are incredible. For more information on this check out my blog post!

Sat Apr 08 2017

Well defined track. Pretty easy all up. Just over 4.5 hours including a quick drop down to the falls and back. I did have good weather and no mud!

Sat Jan 07 2017

This trail is closed due to falling rocks. Lookout is pretty though!

Mon Oct 31 2016

It was a nice hike. Very shaded. Not too slippery. Not too muddy.

Sun Oct 23 2016

We entered through barricades and fences stating falling rocks. Hike at your own risk. Great hike...except we couldn't find the likeke waterfall. Take someone with you who has been there before. We enjoyed walking the old paved road. It was muddy was once we got on the trail. Take bug spray!!! Also, the Pali lookout at the beginning of the hike is beautiful.

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