Photos of Road to Hana Scenic Drive

Distance: 46.4 miles Elevation Gain: 8,359 feet Route Type: Point to Point

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11 days ago

read ahead or get an audio tour. the road is narrow but very well maintained. yes there are some lane bridges but if you can read the signs and follow directions, this road is safer than some commute to work. many stops along the way for activity so do your research. definitely do the full loop rather than turning back at Hana. the south end is beautiful too though the road is less maintained and harder to drive. oh and if you can't handle the speed or don't have the skills to tackle this, turn around. don't put yourself and others at risk. know your limits. If you're being tail gated, pull over ASAP. there's usually a spot to pull over every mile or so. don't piss off the local.

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