Der Müllerthal Trail is a 109.6 kilometer loop trail located near Echternach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and backpacking.

Distance: 109.6 km Elevation Gain: 3,130 m Route Type: Loop



nature trips







The "Müllerthal Trail" is a trump card in the hiking offer of Little Luxembourg Switzerland! The Association of Transport Associations of the Regions of Little Luxembourg Switzerland - Mullerthal - Untersauer offers hikers from spring 2008 their new, about 100 km long "Mullerthal Trail". These are three round loops that run through the whole area of the 15 Leader + Müllerthal communities. Echternach and the small village of Mullerthal are the junctions from which two walking loops each emanate or arrive. Part one passes from the Echternach bus station on the forest slope on the Untersauer, past Steinheim and Rosport to reach the plateau on Mompacher municipal area, before he returns through the "Herborner forest" and the "Echternacher hairs" to the starting point. The middle bend, the real centerpiece of the trail, which leads through the fairytale rocky landscapes of the communities Berdorf and Consdorf, and partly Bech begins. Whether you approach the village of Mullerthal via Berdorf or Scheidgen / Consdorf, the eye can pick up unique hiking motifs wherever you go. Streams, rock formations with caves, Schlüffen and viewpoints alternate with sandy forest trails and sometimes open countryside with stunning panoramic views. Berdorf and Consdorf, always the undisputed strongholds of regional hiking tourism, will endeavor to make local offers more geared to the needs of the modern hiking concept. This role will probably take over the touristically excellent infrastructure in the third trail piece. Befort is reached from Müllerthal, municipality Waldbillig, along the only beautiful meadow ground at the black Ernz and finally the Hallerbach upwards, the pearl of the Little Luxembourg Switzerland. North of Befort, this third trail loop leads through pleasantly impressive landscapes in the communities of Reisdorf, Ermsdorf, Nommern, Medernach, Fels, Heffingen and Fischbach, which were partially re-opened to hikers and will not miss their previously unknown attraction. The MullerthalTrail fully meets the requirements of modern hiking tourism and has been set to strict quality criteria. It should be mentioned that for the demands of the normal walker and nature lover, the local hiking trails, so far almost exclusively trail hikes, are signposted uniformly in all municipalities in circular trails of various sizes, which will enrich this hiking region par excellence with certainty and probably will enhance it as an exemplary role model. Echternach Beaufort Bech Berdorf Bollendorf Consdorf Christnach Girsterklaus Grundhof Hinkel Larochette Lauterborn Mullerthal Rosport Scheidgen Steinheim Weilerbach Zittig

27 days ago

this is a great set of trails... beginners to intermediate. Roman villas to limestone formations, cliffs, and crevasses. We stayed at the Zum Golfstübchen and did day hikes. Very fun and relaxing.

I'll update my review in a few days, but I just used this for the first half of route 1 (now getting the bus back to echternach) and it was perfect!

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