Höhenrundweg Vogelsberg

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Höhenrundweg Vogelsberg is a 9.5 kilometer loop trail located near Schotten, Hesse, Germany that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and running.

Distance: 9.5 km Elevation Gain: 224 m Route Type: Loop








The information center (www.erlebnisberg-hoherodskopf.de) is located opposite the Café Baumhaus (where the Baumkronenpfad begins). It is open all year round and here is also access to the "Galileo" adventure forest of the senses. At the signs the tour starts on the mark "green H" for high trail direction forest. On the highway you come to Bismarckturm and Bonifatiusborn on the baptismal font. The tower is open all year round and seating is available all around. The next destination is the Hochmoor. Here is a small bench from where you have a good view of the area in front of you. Barely 800m further on is one of the highlights: the Geiselstein, the north pole of the Vogelsberg. From there along the gold meadow (depending on the season, it blooms in different colors) to Landgrafenborn and Niddaquelle. Here is a hut with enough seats. Again on the highway it goes past the upper trout pond direction Taufsteinhütte. At this past you meet the mark "blue dot in a blue circle": the Sinnespfad. Follow right. At the edge of the forest there is> ear candy and forest music <as well as> seeing and perceiving <. In the> Verzauberwald <you will find the decelerator, a barefoot path. The> Sky Tables <invite you to enjoyable dozing. A Feetler station with various materials invites you to feel with your bare feet and a few meters further follows the> Sehschließer <. Barefoot and with closed eyes (on a taut rope) through the forest. Following the path you come to a meadow and there to a pond. Here you can wash your feet. The trail leads along the road back to the "green H", which now follows the direction of Hoherodskopf. At the entrance to the area and the information board you can make another path (the nature trail - "green dot in a green circle"), but the "green H" leads along the edge of the forest to the parking lot. In the trees one can see stations of the treetop path. Arrived at the parking lot is the entrance to the climbing forest (www.erlebnisberg-hoherodskopf.de) left hand. The summer toboggan run is at the other end of the car park. There is a miniature golf game on the unglazed parking lot, between the climbing forest and the treetop path. The large TV tower is a landmark of the Vogelsberg and visible from afar.

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