Waldhäuser Lusen Loop is a 12.1 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Neuschönau, Bayern, Germany that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips.

12.1 km
591 m


nature trips



Waldhäuser is a small village in the middle of the Bavarian Forest. There is a parking lot by a small playground and across from the fire department. This is the best place to start the hike. Take the gravel road on the left of fire department. There are two options. 1) You can take the route down to Fredenbrücke. You will see a sign to the left after a short walk on the gravel road pointing to the way down to the bridge. This path is a somewhat steep decline. Cross the bridge and follow along the mountain stream up to Martinsklause. This is a beautiful stretch going along the stream and is reflected in the track submitted with this description. 2) Stay on the gravel road to Martinsklause. This will save time and some climbing back up from the Fredenbrücke. From Martinsklause follow the signs to Lusen, passing by Teufelsloch and a historical marking along the former glass trade route. At this point you will see the famous display of a large wooden hand holding what looks like a glass boat. Continuing on the trail you will come to the Himmelsleiter/ Heaven Stairway. This is a rocky climb of 500 steps up to the top of Mount Lusen. The mountain top itself is a unique geological formation of granit rocks. The climb to Mount Lusen will be rewarded with excellent views of the surrounding mountains of the Bavarian Forest. The trail then begins its decent, going by the Lusenschutzhaus where meals and beverages can be purchased during operating hours. You may want to check the times before leaving for the hike. A gravel road will take you then much of the way back to Waldhäuser. There is a nice foot path shortly after the parking lot located at Waldhausreibe. There are also public toilet facilities here. Follow the signs to the left to Waldhäuserriegel and then to Waldhäuser Panorama Lookout. The Panorama Lookout is an excellent place to watch the sunset. From there it is just a short way into the village and back to the parking lot by the fire statioin.

3 months ago

This was a very enjoyable hike. I did it in the early evening and so was able to see the sunset from the Waldhäuser Panorama Lookout at the end of the hike. The path from Fredenbrücke to Martinsklause is very beautiful, but if you are going along this way on another hike, like back from Mount Rachel, then you can save the time and energy by staying on the gravel road from the Waldhäuser Fire Department going straight to Martinsklause. I would certainly recommend taking the hike as described going up the Himmelsleiter/ Heaven Stairway to the peak instead of the other way around.