Zu Höhlen und Riesenburgen

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Zu Höhlen und Riesenburgen is a 12.6 kilometer loop trail located near Wiesenttal, Bavaria, Germany that features a cave and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking.

Distance: 12.6 km Elevation Gain: 507 m Route Type: Loop





historic site

From Muggendorf (www.wiesenttal.de) with the indicator red vertical line upwards to the Oswaldhöhle. The Oswaldhöhle is an approximately 65-meter-long passage cave. The north entrance is about 12 meters wide and 6 meters high. Here are still the foundational remains of a former wall, probably from the time of the Thirty Years' War. The cave served the population as a shelter and later as a rock cellar. In total, there are five cross gullies in the cave, some of them with imposing room expansions. From the once rich stalactite jewelry is nothing more. At the end of the large hall, a narrow and slightly ascending corridor leads to the southern cave entrance. This is at its lowest point only about 1.5 meters high. The south entrance is 5 meters wide and 2 meters high and was previously closed by a door. The trail leads through the cave and therefore it is advisable to bring a flashlight. Then up through steps and through the forest, with a short detour we reach the High Cross. We climb the observation tower with a wonderful view of the Franconian Switzerland and treat ourselves after the efforts of the ascent a short break. At the Zwecklesgraben, the yellow ring sign comes to us from the right and following the sign, we ascend to ascend the Quackenschloss (a romantic rock formation). On a rocky path we walk to the Adlerstein (lookout cliffs, to climb over stairs). Our next destination is the already visible place Engelhardsberg. On the road we now follow the yellow sign to the left. In Engelhardsberg we turn right at the Dorflinde. After leaving the village, the path drops off to Riesenburg. The giant castle is a so-called cave ruin. It represents the remnant of a larger karst cave of Frankendolomit, which was created by the action of water. A gigantic rock castle has been created. We descend the stairs to the Wiesenttal, go on the road a little to the left to the pump house. There, a jetty leads over the Wiesent and we walk along this to Doos. Here again over a footbridge. We now follow the course of the Aufseß to the cake mill. We cross the Aufseß, pass the mill and climb a forest road to Albertshof. Left through the village to a signpost that leads us to Muggendorf. Following the yellow ring, we reach steeply downhill, Muggendorf.

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