Rachelrundweg is a 11.4 kilometer loop trail located near Spiegelau, Bavaria, Germany that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking.

Distance: 11.4 km Elevation Gain: 571 m Route Type: Loop








From the P + R parking in Spiegelau you continue with the Igelbus, which is the permitted means of transport on the secondary roads in the National Park (free for visitors with a guest card) to the Gfäll parking lot. Depending on individual circumstances, you can walk the track left or right. To the left you will reach the Waldschmidthaus, just below the summit, after about one and a half hours on a smooth, gravel forest road. After climbing the last 70 meters up to the summit, it goes down a stony, sometimes with high steps way down, past the Rachel Chapel, to the Rachelsee (this part of the walk is probably better uphill for people with knee problems). Then it goes, initially slightly downhill, fairly evenly through the forest back to the car park Gfäll. Walking time in total: approx. 4 hours If you would like to hike a bit more and prefer to climb the arduous, rocky path between Rachelsee and the summit to protect your knees, it is better to turn right, then only after two and a half - three hours to Waldschmidthaus and then has only one to one and a half hour's descent on a paved forest road in front of you.

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