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Kuppenweg is a 10.8 kilometer loop trail located near Geroda, Bavaria, Germany that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and running.

Distance: 10.8 km Elevation Gain: 438 m Route Type: Loop





The Kuppenweg is marked with a red K Starting point for this 10.2 km long tour in the nature reserve Black Mountains, is the trail parking lot north of the village square. If you arrive by public transport, get off at the restaurant in place and takes about 2.5 km more in purchase. It is in the Extratour Kuppenweg a circular route, excellently marked on the entire route with a red "K". At the starting point of the hike are several boards and information about the Black Mountains and the Kuppenweg. A few meters away, a beautiful insect hotel has opened its doors to wild bees and other insects. Hold right and follow the red K For Platzer summit, you see the summit cross at the beginning of the hike in the distance, it goes on comfortable ways leisurely uphill. At the latest when you reach a gnarled tree, on which the sign "small mountain" can be seen, one has noticed: The mountain is not that small, because it goes quite steeply upwards. Arriving at the summit cross, it is worth taking a break in fine weather, even if you have not traveled too much. On clear days you have a beautiful Blcik on the southern Rhön up to the Spessart. Time for a little cache? One is hidden on the Platzer Kuppe. Quick access and log. After the rest you follow the path into the valley and on the other side of the mountain bike route you continue directly into the forest. In summer, long pants are an advantage, as the trail becomes a comfortable forest path. Halfway you reach the Würzburg House (Karl Straub House) of the Rhönklub. (Closed on Wednesday) A new playground, or delicious Rhön cake invite you to take a rest. Anyone who has brought along time can also look for a geocache (multi with three stations). From the rest area in front of the house, the nature lover enjoys a sweeping view of the mountain tops of Dammersfeldrhön. Down the valley we reach the source of the Thulba and soon arrive in a special nature reserve: The up to then by many rows of trees and single trees strongly structured mountain meadows belong to the most valuable habitats of the Rhön and offer many rare animal and plant species a habitat. On the last kilometer you cycle along a tarred track past wildflower meadows to a beautifully landscaped well with a picnic spot - the trail parking lot is already in sight. Possible modification: first a detour to the also operated Kissinger hut (Rhönklub house) and then to Würzburger house run. All paths of the Rhön are excellently marked.

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