Westweg Stage 3 is a 19.0 kilometer moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Forbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany that features a lake. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and backpacking.

19 km
1,146 m
Point to Point



nature trips





From the historic wooden bridge leading over the Murg, the Westweg runs straight through the Old Town of Forbach to the main road, crosses it and climbs up through one of the romantic, silent hay meadows. After only a few steps, the town lies behind you, followed by the first 450 meters ascent. It works so well in the morning, but is an ideal warm-up program for all that's coming. After the divorce, the calves can relax on the gentle descent down to the Schwarzenbach Dam or cooled foot bath in the cold clear water of the largest lake in the northern Black Forest. The dam feeds the Forbach pumped storage power plant, whose huge pressure pipes can be admired down to the Murgtal with a short detour from the Westweg. When the feet are fit again, the ascent on the silent Herrenwieser See passes through the dark, overhanging sea face of the Seekopf (1,001 m). An additional 350 meters of altitude make the long ascent from the Murg Valley to the first "thousands" of the northern Black Forest perfect. The view from the memorial stone for Philipp Bussemer, one of the fathers of the Westweg, is less splendid than hoped. If there were not the quiet benches under the rhododendrons, you would probably hurry straight along the bumpy forest road over to the already visible Fiedrich storm on the Badener height (1.002 m) along. At the Schwarzwaldhochstraße there are a whole series of high altitude hotels and spa hotels, which are run by the Westweg. For those who are tireless, a detour via the mighty Wiedenfelsen to the Gertelbach Falls, which cascades over 220 meters into the Bühler Valley, is a good option. At Hundseck you meet again on the Westweg, which finds here from Mehliskopf. A last short climb brings the hiker on the high head and by in the evening light like bewitched high moors to the former spa house Unterstmatt.