Zu zwei Burgen an der Badischen Bergstraße is a 13.4 kilometer loop trail located near Weinheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany that features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking.

Distance: 13.4 km Elevation Gain: 528 m Route Type: Loop





city walk

historic site

When it comes to rare plants or trees, so Weinheim is favored by the mild mountain climate, the first address in our area. A starting point of our hike should be a parking lot in the old town of Weinheim or the train station. From the train station, it takes about 20 minutes to the market square and continue to the Weinheimer Schlosspark. The Weinheimer Schlosspark (www.weinheim-marketing.de) is one of the most visited parks on Bergstraße. The park is located in the immediate vicinity of the castle and is only a few steps away from the market square and the historic old town. The approx. 60 ha large Weinheimer Exotenwald (www.weinheim-marketing.de) borders on the garden park, which is designed in English garden style. There you can admire exotic tree species such as giant sequoias, Chilean Andean firs, Japanese and North American magnolia trees or California cedars. Today, around 140 different tree species can be admired in the exotic forest. The tallest trees are more than 55 meters high and over 140 years old. Three signposted circular hiking trails lead through this dendrological gem. The exotic forest is open all year and the entrance is free. You can now hike comfortably with the marking of the Odenwald- Vogesen- way slightly uphill to the mark the Burgensteigs. Follow the Burgensteig sign until you reach the Wachenburg castle and then with the "Weißes Quadrat" marking to the Windeck castle and back to Weinheim. The Wachenburg (www.wachenburg.de) can not look back on a long historical past. Their construction was only begun in 1907. The client was the "Weinheim Senioren-Convent" (WSC), an association of the student corps of the technical colleges and universities, who wanted to erect a memorial to his relatives killed in the German-French war of 1870/71. From the freely accessible terrace of the castle one has a wonderful view down to Weinheim, the mountain road and the Rhine plain. The castle Windeck (www.burg-windeck.de) was built to protect the extensive Lorsch property in the years after 1109. The city of Weinheim, owned by the Windeck Castle since 1978, had extensive security measures carried out. Tip: In Weinheim you will find the adventure and leisure Miramar. www.miramar-bad.de

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