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Mimet et La Montagne du Baou Traouqua is a 4.2 mile loop trail located near Mimet, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking.

Distance: 4.2 miles Elevation Gain: 1,062 feet Route Type: Loop



partially paved


Two courses in belvederes but a unique merit: that of being able to embrace in one glance Marseille and the sea on one side, the country of Aix and the Sainte-Victoire on the other. This exclusivity, the hiker owes to the massif of Etoile, last limestone rampart that separates the Phocean city and the Mediterranean from the inner Provence. Accessible to the good walkers who do not fear vertigo, the route to the Pilon du Roi, "piton" of the massif posted at 670 m height, and the one towards the Boau Traouqua, rocky escarpments lengthened in line of crest, both accessible since Simiane-Collongue and Mimet, bring Marseille back to its geographical singularity: that of a city built in a vast limestone basin amphitheater whose sea would be the only escape. North side, the landscape is equally spectacular. The Gardanne basin, the "mountain" village of Mimet or the reliefs of Sainte-Victoire emphasize the harshness and torment of a Provençal landscape never short of geological fantasies. Steps: (Step 1) Departure from the Place de la Poste Follow Saint-Sébastien Street in the direction of the church, bypass it on the right to take the path of the Mègre. Go down on the left with the path of Aires. He makes two right turns before arriving at an intersection. Turn right with the path of St. Joseph to a crossroads. (Step 2) Cooler Access to the cooler in a few minutes by a path on the left. Continue in front with the chemin de la Pignatelle. The small road rises amidst a variety of vegetation, along a few isolated houses before joining the path of Notre-Dame-des-Anges. (Step 3) Ascent Col Ste Anne go straight ahead, with the yellow route, pass a picnic area, a tank, cross a barrier, the view extends Gardanne and Sainte-Victoire in this climb that leads to the pass Saint Anne. (Step 4) Ascent Baou Traouqua turn left then leave the small road to take, on the left, in front of an oratory, a path that goes up to an electricity pylon. From there, caution is needed. The path crosses the rocky plates of the baou Traouqua, it rises on small rocky escarpments - very carefully follow the blue markings - to reach the crest which dominates the rocky cliffs. Unique panorama of Marseille, it's harbor, the islands of Friuli. The balcony path passes in front of a first antenna and then another to arrive at a junction with the red line. Attention: passage in rears on rocky plate, crest crest. (Step 5) Panorama rade of Marseille Continue on this magnificent trail of ridges with these 2 markings. The view is beautiful, (it is better to stop to enjoy the view), dense vegetation. The path crosses a few small rocky outcrops, turns towards the head of Grand Puech (Mirador) and arrives at a junction (the two paths separate). Warning: small rocky projections. (Step 6) Panorama Ste Victoire Descend left with the only red trail. After a passage in balcony, the path ends on a track. Follow it on the left for 250m. When the track is at a right angle, go left. The trail descends abruptly, on stony ground, continues in balcony, passes in front of a magnificent natural belvedere (panorama on Mimet and Sainte-Victoire) to end on a turning area. Caution: steep descent in places. (Step 7) Descent towards Mimet Turn left to follow the path of San Sebastián, join the post office and parking.

Belle rando avec une vue à couper le souffle. Fait avec un minot de 6 ans, sans problème. Seul le debut est pénible sur la route mais après très bien.

15 days ago

Je recommande. Très belle rando. J'ai pris mon temps personnellement.

5 months ago

Très bonne randonnée à faire en famille couple ou entre amis. Certains passages sont plus sportifs suite à de sacrer pentes, mais ça dure que quelques minutes et ça fais du bien. Compter entre 1 h 30 et 2 h, mais ça dépendra de si vous profitez du paysage ou êtes plutôt du style déterminé.

7 months ago

7 months ago