GR2013: Gémenos et La vallée de St Pons

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GR2013: Gémenos et La vallée de St Pons is a 6.4 kilometer out and back trail located near Gemenos, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking.

Distance: 6.4 km Elevation Gain: 168 m Route Type: Out & Back



partially paved


historic site

From Aubagne, the GR2013 goes to the Sainte-Baume massif. In Gémenos, it crosses in the Departmental Park of Saint-Pons. Saint-Pons is the exception, one of the sweetest mixes in Provence. In the shelter of the Sainte-Baume, at the foot of the intoxicating laces of the Col de l'Espigoulier which climbs towards Plan d'Aups, the estate offers a beautiful diversity of species scattered over the 800 hectares acquired by the General Council between 1972 and 2000. This is typical vegetation of the scrubland, and then pines, beeches, hornbeams, large lime trees, holly holly, maple, oaks and even yew. Most of them scattered in the bottom of the valley formed by the park, where the swelling wadis wind the waters of a main torrent: the Fauge whose exceptional thing, the spring never dries up. The mountain nearby is for many. For a long time, its only aquifers fed the valley and the city that serves as its gateway: Gémenos. On its flanks also breathed the economic lung of the country, by the alchemy of the ice cream trade. Indeed, deep glaciers dug on the massif of Sainte Baume, refreshed every day the agglomeration of Marseilles. One of them, located under the cliffs of Pic de Bertagne is preserved and secure. Stages: (Step 1) Gémenos Center Bus Stop - Agglo Buses - Line 07 Join the departure from Aubagne. From the bus stop, head east towards the Saint-Pons valley. (Step 2) Crossing D2 and Boulevard de l 'Espigoulier After the cooperative cellar, leave at the crossing of the D2 with the boulevard de l'Espigoulier. Behind the bus stop, a path marked in yellow goes up to the forest. This path follows in parallel the D2. (Step 3) Park Saint-Pons Parking Entrance From the car park, go up the valley to the park. Pass in front of the park house and the ruins of the Paradou factory. (Step 4) The Paradou plant The Paradou plant, together with the Foulon and the Moulin de la Cascade, which you will discover above, is an exceptional mill ensemble. The presence of the Fauge, a tributary of the Huveaune, which crosses the valley of Saint Pons and is never dried up, has allowed the development of activities related to the driving force of the water. (Step 5) Waterfall Mill Continue to the Waterfall Mill. (Step 6) Abbey of Saint-Pons Continue to the Abbey of Saint-Pons. The abbey consists of a solitary nave dating from the 13th century and now restored. It was only the collateral of this Cistercian abbey that was never completed. Near a meadow, in the heart of the estate, the building offers its limpid forms to the eye of the walker. Make a U-turn to return to the village of Gémenos.

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