La Penne is a 5.7 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France that features a great forest setting. The trail is rated as moderate and is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips.

Distance: 5.7 miles Elevation Gain: 1,833 feet Route Type: Out & Back


nature trips




Between Marseille and Aubagne, above the valley of Huveaune, the departmental area of ​​Barasse welcomes you in its beautiful setting. This hike is interesting because of the presence of lime kilns, vestiges of a once prosperous industrial era, and old sheepfolds evoking a pastoral life. From valleys to hills, half-shade, half-sun, you will taste the contrasts of a nature both mineral and welcoming. From the summit, an exceptional panorama that goes from the sea to the Sainte Baume, passing by Etoile and Garlaban. Stages: (Step 1) Bus stop RTM La Barasse From the bus stop, take Lucien Margaillan boulevard opposite to the Barasse car park. (Step 2) The parking lot of the Barasse valley From the parking lot (CG 13 information board), go past the lime kilns and follow the barrier, along the marked CQ 204 and yellow trail, in the Barasse valley, following the stream. At its confluence, follow on the left the valley of Luinant always following the markings GR2013. The view widens, the track goes up and the landscape becomes mineral. At the wooden panel of CG13, leave the track to follow on the left the GR2013 towards Candolle. The trail climbs steeply and meanders through an odoriferous flora: argelas, rosemary, globular and kermes oaks. At the bifurcation rising, follow the right branch always marked (limestone slabs on the ground). You arrive at the Col de la Limite, junction point of the outward and return journey. (Step 3) The Limite pass (alt 340 m) At the pass, leave the GR2013 and go up on the left with the blue ridge to the point of Escourtines (alt 432 m). Exceptional view of Sainte-Baume, the Aurelian mountains, the Garlaban, the chain of Etoile, the entire valley of Huveaune, Marseille and the Good Mother, and at your feet all the valley of the Barasse. Descend to the right, always following the blue line, on a scree trail. Go past a shelter of dry stones and at the junction, continue to the right in the direction of the valley of Escourtines (indications on a stone). Further on, the path bends to the left and descends steeply into the pine forest (caution, some rocky passages with your hands!). The blue line arrives at the edge of a small car park in La Millière. (Step 4) From the Millière to the Col de la Limite At the wooden panel of the CG 13, take on the right, towards the Candolle the yellow marked trail that follows the well-shaded and pleasantly shaded valley of Les Escourtines. At a bifurcation, the GR2013 arrives from the left (de la Candolle) and joins the yellow markings. They will not leave you until the Barrasse. With them, continue to the right and further, the view widens, cross a small clearing welcoming and flowery orchis in spring. Further, the path runs along the ruin of the Escourtines, an old sheepfold sheltered under the foliage of a large white oak with a source that has long been kept secret! The path is flat then goes back "dry" following until the pass of the Limit. The return is made with the itinerary of the opposite way, marking GR2013 and yellow. Caution in descents!

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