La Croix de St Marcel Boucle

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La Croix de St Marcel Boucle is a 6.9 kilometer loop trail located near Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking.

Distance: 6.9 km Elevation Gain: 350 m Route Type: Loop





An easy hike to discover a space permeated by human activity: valleys once grown in terraces, the valley of Huveaune, this dense band linking Marseille to its hinterland. An advisable getaway, especially in autumn when the heather blossoms and the arbutus at the same time carry flowers and fruits. Stages: (Step 1) If you arrive by car, park at the parking of the departmental area of Barasse. Go down to the houses to Pic Foch Street. Turn left. Follow the blue markup. Pic Foch Street turns right once, left, and left again. Go straight. Do not follow Pic Foch Street. At the next junction turn right on the ascent of Olivier which becomes the path of the Maque. (Step 2) Parking Vallon Chauméry At the crossroads with rue du Vallon Chauméry, turn left. 50m further take the gate on the left of the park fence of Domaine de la Forbine. Take a wide track that goes up the hillside and do not leave it for 800 m. (Step 3) Feel towards the cross After about 200m, leave this path for a stony path to your left that passes under the power lines. It is a pleasant path through green oaks, cistus, laurels, heather and arbutus. (Step 4) St Marcel's Cross After 1 km of walk you arrive at the cross of St Marcel. This point gives you a view of the Huveaune Valley. Retrace your steps and follow the path to the old fence of the Domaine de la Forbine. (Step 5) Fence of the Forbine Then leave the area of the Forbine through an opening in the fence. Follow the path which - before the rocky bar - turns right. Follow the blue markup. Before arriving at the Col de Galvaudan, you have an exceptional view of the city of Marseille and the Blue Coast. (Step 6) Galvaudan Pass At the pass, the trail arrives on a DFCI track (tank 444). Descend immediately to the Vallon de la Vigie on your right. The trail will now be marked in yellow. This trail descends through a landscape of heather, a flower late October / early November. (Step 7) Track Crossing Go down the path until you cross a track. Cross it and continue the path opposite. After a few meters on this path you are in front of the chain of Etoile. You will see the village of Allauch with its church Notre Dame du château and the area of la Mourre. This rocky plateau, at the foot of the Baou Trauqua mountain, serves as a target for training dropping firefighting aircraft from where the color red. (Step 8) Descent into the bottom of the valley After 200m leave this wide road before a right turn, down a path that follows the bottom of the valley of the Vigie. Follow a yellow markup. It is a pleasant route in an undergrowth of kermes oaks, oaks, ash trees and pines, a vegetation that has invaded the old terraces. Arriving at the first houses, follow the path that runs along the fences of the houses. (Step 9) Pagoda Arriving on a road (Boulevard de la Forbine), go down there. Pass in front of Trúc Lâm Pagoda. Leave this road (near a car park and a tank n ° 407) to take on the right the path that crosses again the park of the Domaine de la Forbine. (Step 10) Oppida Baou de St Marcel You are on your way back. A little further a beautiful view of the old Forbine wall and oppidum Baou St Marcel. Continue your way to the Vallon de Chauméry car park. Take the path of the Maque and a few meters further you are back on the parking of the Barasse.

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