La Chapelle Saint-Philippe is a 14.6 kilometer loop trail located near Mallemoisson, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France that features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips.

Distance: 14.6 km Elevation Gain: 466 m Route Type: Loop


nature trips





A steep climb led to the old village of Mallemoison, a village full of attractions with its old stones and its square tower which served in the past as dovecote but, as we recently understood, it actually had a role of clock. Do not be surprised then that the path that follows is the beautiful name Path of Time Measurement! We leave the village by a track that carries another pretty name: the Chemin des Diligences past a breeding donkeys! You then joined the bridge that crosses the Duyes and reaches the hamlet of Thumins. The Château de Mirabeau (late 17th century) was greatly damaged by a fire in 1934. Finally attack the climb that brings you to the church Notre-Dame des Grenouillères, a ruined church, literally cut to the chainsaw because it remains a good half in good condition while the other half to completely disappeared. Further, a steep and stony track leads to the Saint Philippe chapel, nestled in the woods almost at the top of the Cime des Usclats (814 m). The markers invite to continue a little further: 150 meters, an old abandoned village, called Vielle Town already in 1778, when the map of Cassini was established. Some basements are completely invaded by oaks; beyond that, it is necessary to climb the ruins; we find ourselves in a wild place, wedged between two high rocks. At the top of the hill, it is a beautiful panorama 360 ° that is offered to the view. Returning to the chapel, you descend into the valley, following a narrow path, steep and unmarked, which leads directly back to the Thumins. From there you return to the bridge over the Duyes and you head to the hamlet of Saint Pons and Mallemoison-Les Grillons while the sun was gaining its fight against the clouds suggesting for the next day a beautiful day.

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