Le Chemin de Ronde is a 0.0 kilometer loop trail located near Château-d'Olonne, Pays de la Loire, France that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking.

Distance: 0.0 km Elevation Gain: 0 m Route Type: Loop




partially paved


city walk

historic site

1 °) Departure from the town hall at the Parc des Vallées. Take the direction of the Pas du Bois Avenue. 2 °) Green flow of the Tanchet. You will follow the stream along the Alders present on the banks. 3 °) Pass the small wooden bridge and you will cross the green spaces of Bretaudière. 4 °) After crossing the road of Talmont-Saint-Hilaire, join Bourdigal where you will be able to observe the small pond. When you have forked on the left, do not miss the entrance to the hollow road on your right. 5 °) Saint-Jean d'Orbestier: abbey founded in the twelfth century by William IX, Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Poitou. It is one of the major witnesses of the Romanesque style in Vendée. Magnificent panorama on the cove aux Moines. You will pass near the Bois Saint-Jean, classified wooded area. 6 °) The Valleys: you will circulate in the countryside retro coast before turning right towards Talmont-Saint-Hilaire. The hollow paths will allow you to join the RD 949. 7 °) The Old Fief: you will be able to observe the arches of multi-centenary oaks. Built in 1877, the farm has undergone few changes. 8 °) Beausejour: this locality corresponds to the revolutionary name of the commune. 9 °) Fenestreau: major private afforestation of floristic and faunal interest of the commune; you can also see the pigsty, old farm that belonged to the Count of Olonne, Duke of Montmorency of Luxembourg at the time of the revolution.

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