Torres de Cabrenç is a 10.6 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Lamanère, Occitanie, France that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking.

Distance: 10.6 km Elevation Gain: 565 m Route Type: Loop






We will begin by saying that the entire route is perfectly signposted so it is not necessary to carry GPS for this route. Along the way we will find signs painted in different colors, we will also find posters and, finally, milestones. I also find it mandatory to say that the first of the towers we can find can be visited, but if we want to do it, first we have to find the key to the Marie or the petrol cafe of the Serrallongue population. That said, we start with the review. We will start our route going to find a narrow street, closed with an iron portal, which goes by the Lamanère church, signposted with a manor, and goes up SE direction. After a short distance, we will find a track. We will continue for a moment by our left in the NW direction. After a few meters we find a path that ascends to our right and climbs through beech in the direction E. Thus we will arrive at Les Estanoses and we will find excellent views of 2 of the towers. We will turn towards W to find a path that will take us to NE direction, after a steep climb and a quiet walk through a spectacular forest of fir trees, to the Coll de les Estonoses and from here, through the forest track in perfect Been, until the first of the Towers. After visiting and returning to this place, we will continue in the SE direction to pass through the other towers, each with their details of interest. It is necessary to emphasize the orientation table of the last of them. To return to Lamanère, we will complicate the quiet journey that has been carried out so far since we will continue to follow the path they had taken to reach the tower. Now we will continue to the left, in the direction SE to begin a sharp descent between beech. This trail, after a few hundred meters, becomes smoother and we now calmly reach the Pla del Castell. From here, we will take a track on our right, signposted to Lamanère, and we will continue along it for about 2750 meters. In this place we will see that the track that we follow continues straight and that our secondary left descends a secondary track, in descent and direction W. If we continue straight ahead we will also reach the destination since a few meters later we would find the way we went to climb. We followed the one on the left. So, taking the path we want, we will reach La Casanova and Lamanère.

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