The Ass of Iron Trail is a 10.9 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Colomby, Normandy, France that features a river. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips.

10.9 km
202 m


nature trips




Step into the depths of the Cotentin grove, protected by its hedges and brightened by many small streams that snake. The church Saint-Georges of Colomby is of a very pure gothic style, without reworkings. It dates from the 13th and 14th centuries and was completely restored at the end of the 19th century. The altar is dated 1888 and the porch, added to the fifteenth century precedes the ensemble to the west. The Varangerie is a beautiful farm located just after the start of the circuit, in the borough of Colomby. Others are visible around: Manoir du Cul de fer, the Bertranderie, Briquehoulle, the Richemonnerie, the farm of Breuil and the castle of the Bretonnière. The Councilor is one of those beautiful farms made of Valognes stones. Take a look behind the imposing portal, located just after the hamlet of Roses. The place called "Cul de Fer" brings together two small rivers and "donkey bridges" which allowed to join the old mill. Enchanting place, shaded and raised, ideal for a stopover or a picnic. Deserves the round trip of a few tens of meters. The manor of Perques is a beautiful stone house with a massive turret. He probably kept the roads that were once very busy. Boudosville is a hamlet remarkable for its architectural ensemble of old farms. Marked by a calvary at the entrance. Former lime kilns, where the limestone was converted into lime by heating it, to the right of the path. Notable points nearby: City of Valognes: Labeled "City of Art and History", member of the "Country of Art and History of the Clos du Cotentin" for its remarkable architecture. Beaumont Hotel in Valognes: built in the 18th century for the Count of Beaumont, this building is one of the famous mansions of Valognes. Cider and Calvados Museum: rue du Petit-Versailles 50700 Valognes - Tel: 02 33 40 26 25 Calvados and cider are produced locally and their production is presented in this museum. Cidéries de Saint-Joseph and Négreville: production of Norman ciders, an alcoholic beverage containing 2% to 8% obtained from the fermentation of apple juice. Hémévez, east of Colomby, passing through Urville. Nice village to visit with, in particular, its Gothic church Notre Dame de l'Assomption, its remarkable furniture and statuary. A nice private castle.