The Lion, Roccapina, Corsica, Corse Trail

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The Lion, Roccapina, Corsica, Corse Trail is a 5.3 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Sarragia, Corsica, France that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

5.3 km
240 m

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wild flowers


Roccapina beach, a short hike to the lion crown. La plage de Roccapina et la couronne du Lion The proud rock of the lion in Roccapina lies looking at the skyline over the sea.This route describes a short but unforgettable hike with scenic view on two of the most famous beaches of Corsica (Roccapina and Erbaju) and a breathtaking walk on the spine and crown of the rock of the lion. If you just want to go to the lion, you may walk straight up in the woods but the path is barely visible. Walking on the lion spine is wonderful but dangerous, use extreme caution as there is a risk of a fatal fall. Climbing on the head of the lion is even more dangerous and should only be done by experienced climbers. You'll enjoy the turquoise clear waters and powder-soft white sand of Erbaju and Roccapina. If you decide to make the tour of the lion, the way is easy to find and it's a very nice 2 hours walk.

11 months ago

I went this trail w two girls who hasn't done much hiking, and I suggested this one was rated as easy. Turned out to be reaching the head of Lion wasn't that easy for them and they found it quite challenging. Track isn't very clear to climbing rocks but you will not lose baring as where you are headed and which direction you are suited to go is very visible. There are also few other hikers and we all had multiple cuts from bushes Good walking shoes could help. Breathtaking views and good photo spots.