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Highgate Common, Bobbington and Six Ashes Circular Trail

MODERATE 2 reviews

Highgate Common, Bobbington and Six Ashes Circular Trail is a 14.3 kilometer loop trail located near Stourbridge, Staffordshire, England that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips.

Distance: 14.3 km Elevation Gain: 259 m Route Type: Loop


nature trips





over grown

This is a circular trail that starts at Highgate Common, heads past the Red Lion Pub in Bobbington then heads out to Six Ashes, before returning to Highgate Common via fields and byways. The walk encompasses many fields and quiet country roads, and also goes past Halfpenny Green airport. Lots of wildlife is visible along this route, including an unexpected animal between Broadfields Farm and the Ponds at Mere Farm. There are stiles and gates to negotiate along this route, and a few footbridges over streams/brooks. Some bridges are in a state of disrepair, the paths can be overgrown and some tracks are at the lowest point between fields, leading to some very wet patches. It is suggested that this walk not be attempted soon after heavy rain. Some fields will have animals and while the roads are generally quiet, they often lack pavements/footpaths. If you would like refreshments along the way, you will pass The Red Lion at Bobbington.

5 months ago

Pleasant walk but even with online map it was difficult to negotiate the correct way due to one farmer on Crab Lane location waypoint 2 just after Halfpenny Green Airport whose crops were blocking the right of way and he had also padlocked all the public footpath gates resulting in having to climb over them and one gate was seven foot high. This can be avoided by walking on the lane and would highly recommend as it would have made walk much more enjoyable. In addition many of public footpaths are very overgrown with weeds at chest height which was a shame as the scenery was lovely. The pond at the end of the walk was a very pleasant spot.

Fri May 18 2018

Not having heard a cuckoo for many years, I discovered that Highgate Common was a good place to hear them, which was why I decided to do this walk. And I heard numerous cuckoos, and even saw one! I'm planning to return to the common one night in June to see glow worms, which according to an information board is one of few places to see them. I did the walk during a dry spell, so no mud, but vegetation (including nettles) were thriving. An easy walk, but the online map was essential in a couple of places where the right of way was covered by crops.

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