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Arkholme and Gressingham is a 7.6 mile loop trail located near Carnforth, Lancashire, England that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking.

Length 7.6 mi Elevation gain 803 ft Route type Loop
Hiking Walking Partially paved River Views
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The route starts at Loyn Bridge where there is some parking when not too busy. The bridge itself dates from 1684 and is designated an ancient monument and is the only crossing of the Lune between Caton and Kirby Lonsdale. It is overlooked by a Norman earthwork of Castle Stede. The riverside sections are part of the 'Lune Valley Ramble' some 16 miles long from Lancaster to Kirby Lonsdale. Himalayan Balsam predominates the river bank growing 6-10 ft in height between June and October and has pink/purplish flowers out-competing all other plants. Because it dies down completely in the winter leaving bare earth to be eroded by winter floods it is listed by the Environment  Agency on their hit list of "Top Invasive Spices" marked for containment and removal. Arkholme has a quite rural charm and dates back to the age of Norse settlers their being another (more accessible) mote and bailey earthwork in the grounds of St John's Church. Most of the cottages date from 17th and 18th century - Poole House is dated 1614. Storrs Hall hidden away in the trees from prying eyes is a Tudor gothic mansion built in 1848. At Gressingham the church dates from various periods and has a fine doorway of Norman vintage. The name of 'Gressingham Duck' is well known in restaurants all over the country having been bred in the area out of a cross between Perkin (a common white duck) and wild Mallard and as a result is a bird with a 'gamey' flavour. The views before dropping down to 'The Snab' around spot height '85' are very extensive towards the Yorkshire Dales Hills.

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Chris Paterson
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Nice walk although one area of the walk is impassable due to overgrown weeds etc.