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Adlington to Horwich via Rivington is a 8.1 mile point-to-point trail located near Chorley, Lancashire, England that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and bird watching.

Length 8.1 mi Elevation gain 1,587 ft Route type Point to Point
Hiking Walking Bird watching Lake Partially paved Views City walk Pub walk
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Starting at Adlington Station the route crosses the M61 and follows Horrobin Lane to reach Rivington Country Park. After visiting the tower on Rivington Pike followed George's Lane and Factory Hill to arrive at the retail complex of Middlebrook before returning from Horwich Parkway Station. Adlington is unusual, as it is a village on a slope which is divided into two by the railway line. If you live at the lower end you are a 'bottom-ender' and if you live at the upper end you are unsurprisingly a 'top-ender'. Adlington also has at least two of everything - two 'A' roads to major nearby towns, two Fish and Chip Shops, two Chemists, two Dentists etc. There are two pubs with the same name viz. 'Spinners Arms', you've guest it  - ' t'top Spinners' and ' t'bottom Spinners', but there is only one 'Elephant and Castle'. Along Babylon Lane at number 40 is a plaque commemorating 'James William Wallace' who in 1889 formed a society called 'The Eagle Street College' who studied literature and poetry. The track followed to the M61 crossing is popular with locals gaining access to the Rivington side. Rivington Hall was built in 1790 and to the side is the Rivington Hall Barn not to be confused with Rivington Lower Barn on Rivington Lane. The terraced gardens were layed out in 1905 by landscape artist Thomas Mawson  on behalf of William Hesketh of Port Sunlight fame. The area covers 45 acres & includes terraced walkways, ornamental pools, a Japanese garden, stone footbridges & abandoned buildings. The 'Pigeon Tower' was built in 1910 as an elaborate summer-house and lookout. The Pike Tower was built in 1733 by John Andrews as a shooting lodge. Before that the Pike was used as a beacon to warn of Scottish invaders & the approach of the Spanish Armada in 1588. After following delightful old lanes past modernised stone properties emerged eventually on to Chorley Old Road where is sited Horwich 'Ancient Stocks' which records show were in use up to 1622. Followed Fleet Street onto old pathways to reach Chorley New Road where stands the doorway of the only remaining part of Victoria Mill. It was the second largest manufacturer of 'towels' in the world. It remained until 2007. Middlebrook Retail and Leisure complex opened for business in 1998. Besides the shops there is a Cinema, Bowling Alley and Bolton Arena Sports Complex. Bolton Wanderers played their first match at the Reebok Stadium on 1st September 1997 against Everton. Horwich Parkway is a new station built by 'Transport for Greater Manchester' to encourage use of public transport by providing free parking for rail users.

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