Photos of White Cliffs Path

Distance: 6.5 miles Elevation Gain: 1,374 feet Route Type: Point to Point


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1 month ago

Wow. Absolutely magnificent views on this trail, by far the best view I've seen using this app. Beyond picturesque during most of the walk with great sites such as memorials, lighthouses, beaches and tea rooms. Will totally recommend the Pine Gardens Tea Room for this. And I would suggest doing this only in good weather, as slippery surfaces on a loose rock cliffside would be dangerous and unpleasant. The trail itself using this app would be a 3 however. Half of it is not even plausible, requiring you to do rock climbing on a sheer drop, given where the red line is positioned so I'd recommend speaking to either the National Trust Visitor's Centre for a map appreciation or following the coastal route on top of the cliff (solid line with consecutive smaller parallel lines coming off it) and it will be fairly straightforward. Beware of the various steep stair cases and gradients (it's a cliff so rather unavoidable) but if you want to try avoid it, just don't follow the dotted line when it starts to squiggle. Those tend to be stairs. I'm unsure who created this particular trail route, but it may be a GPS fault. Either way, despite my mobility issues, I managed to navigate this. It's definitely a moderate and not an easy walk. But highly recommended.

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