Classic Hayfield to Kinder Scout Circular

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Classic Hayfield to Kinder Scout Circular is a 16.1 kilometer loop trail located near High Peak, Derbyshire, England that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and bird watching.

Distance: 16.1 km Elevation Gain: 658 m Route Type: Loop



bird watching


partially paved




historic site

This is the classic route starting from Hayfield taking in Kinder Reservoir, William Clough, Kinder Downfall, Kinder Low and returning via Swine's Back and Eadale Cross. It is the route followed on 24th April 1932 from Bowden Bridge Quarry on the occasion of a 'mass trespass' lead by conservation activist Benny Rothman. After reaching Kinder Downfall there were violent struggles with gamekeepers and landowners resulting in five ramblers being sent to prison. It was not until 1955 that the first access agreement was signed. The Kinder plateau is 6 square miles in area and is covered in a deep blanket of peat bog. The underlying rock is millstone grit. Kinder Low is the highest point in the Peak District. The Roman road between Buxton and Glossop came through the village of Hayfield which was recorded in the domesday book of 1086 as 'Hedfield'. In medieval times it was part of the 'Royal Forest of the Peak'. Hayfield information centre and bus terminus occupy the site of the former station which closed in 1970. Kinder Reservoir was opened in 1912 to supply the ever expanding area of Stockport. Clay for the dam was dug from the site of the present Hayfield campsite, where before that a large cloth printworks stood. The former water treatment works are now derelict. On the way to the reservoir is passed Booth Sheepwash. Sheepwahing took place in May and was a big social occasion when all the farms came together to wash their sheep. They manufactured their own sheep dip using soft soap and creosote which was boiled and used to kill lice and keds and remove peat from their fleeces.

11 days ago

free parking roadside near the pub/car park. toilets opposite carpark. takes about 4 hours. great walk with spectacular scenery, not a dull moment. went anticlockwise and got the climbing done first via steps, the way down was a slippy steep slope. weather was variable but even in fog/rain at the top the path was easy to follow.

1 month ago

amazing walk! spectacular views and plenty of wildlife to see. Chose the hottest day in summer to do this so had to have quite a few breaks on the way. The stream near the waterfall made a nice spot to have lunch and dip our feet in. The climb was challenging especially in 29degree heat but views were worth it. Once you reach the top its fairly flat for a few miles before you take steps down to ground again. nice walk through farmland back. definitely recommend

2 months ago

We started this trail off from the Sportsman Pub - it was free parking outside on the road. We set off at 11am and progressed the route clockwise past the reservoir on our right. Gorgeous views of the reservoir and really enjoyed the climb to the top which followed the water flow. Walking boots required for the descent as it was very rocky and uneven. Took us 4 hours to complete & had a drink at The Sportman afterwards. Would definitely recommend this route for someone looking for a scenic walk with some challenging sections.

great hike, challenging up to kinder scout but a nice route down. luckily we went on a dry day but i imagine it would be quite dangerous/slippy if raining. we went a bit of off piste from the main route but lots of options to take.

4 months ago

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