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Nova Bystrice to Slavonice is a 13.3 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Albeř, South Bohemia, Czech Republic that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

Length 13.3 mi Elevation gain 1,489 ft Route type Point to Point


Mountain biking

Nature trips

Road biking


Bird watching



Wild flowers


Waypoints (14)

Starting the Czech Canada route from Nova Bystrice to Slavonice. A nice relaxing ride through & along forests on small, paved roads and bike paths. There are cars sometimes. There is a small section after Landstejn which goes through the forest behind the reservoir which is off-road, bumpy and cyclist or hikers only but beautiful and well worth the time. Overall, you start relatively high up from Nova Bystrice/Alber and work your way down as you proceed through Landstejn, Stalkov and into Slavonice. There are some points where you have to climb but they are not that many and not that long. Expanding upon this trip, there are paths that lead into Austria, others that follow the paths of peoples who were exiled from the country during and after WWII, others that represent the historical dealings of famous thieves and many others.

Getting here by train is reletively easy. Stops from Veseli nad Luznici or Jindrichuv Hradec make nice rides. You can take your bike on most trains without a reservation, but some of the fast trains will require one for your bike. Regular trains charge 25 crowns for your bike per train you ride. If you take more than two regular trains in one day you can save some money by buying an all-day pass for your bike which I believe is 50 crowns. The fast trains are 30 crowns for the bike, which must be unloaded (no saddle-bags) and stored by the conductor. As the weather has been rather unpredictable the last couple of summers, I have found that ponchos, parkas and waterproof rubber booties (overshoes) to protect your shoes from water have been very helpful.

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