3.2 miles
679 feet
Out & Back



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wild flowers


4 months ago

Beautiful, tranquil, and a great workout if you’re spending time hiking the longer trails. I would actually say it’s more moderate than easy. If you only do the waterfall trail, it’s easy. If you go to La Ventana, across the suspension bridge, then out to the waterfall - you are climbing steps and it feels like you’re on a stair master for a good 40 minutes. It’s hard. We did a few trails and it came out to about 5.5 miles. We spent 2.5 hours and the reception told us that the trails we did normally take 3 hours. Bring water. The mosquitoes are minimal if any (here in May) but there are lots of bugs so bug spray is helpful. It’s mostly shades but there are a few spots you’re exposed to sun.
La Ventana (continental divide is not labeled anywhere on the deck, it’s pretty lack luster. Good view of the forest though. Also if you cross the suspension bridge then you don’t need to do another sky walk tour because it’s the same thing; walking on a bridge over the air plants. Very cool but if you’re looking to save money and see it all, come here and do 3-4 trails.