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5 days ago

The map portrayed here is not accurate and the signage on the actual trail is some of the worst I've ever seen.

We climbed the path going straight up the hill until it ended and we were forced to go right or left. At this point there is no clear signage. We went right which meant that we did a loop with no views of the water. After returning from the hike, I found a map which showed that left would have meant we took another short straight trail (that would have required us to double back) presumably to the lookout over the water. There is a more accurate map of the "loop" on one of the Georgian Bay tourism sites.

The path until we started the loop was nice and wide. Very pleasant to walk on and completely shady in the forest. It could accommodate a jogging stroller.

However when we made the right turn the path started to get super narrow and wind through fields. Everything was still fairly okay until we reached the part of the trail where there was a large sign warning of poison ivy and there was literally poison ivy everywhere. Not one or two plants - but hundreds for a quite a length. The path turned rocky and winding. Definitely not good for a jogging stroller or small children.

I found it unpleasant even for an adult person as the path in the loop was very narrow (i.e. hitting the branches/leaves of maple trees on either side of you) in several places which just made it uncomfortable. And again signage was none existant - one map in the loop but it didn't even tell you where you were on the trail (and it showed several). The bugs weren't bad and there was cell phone reception, but the forest wasn't all that nice to look at . There are better trails.