Haley Lake Trail

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Haley Lake Trail is a 2.2 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Stone Mills, Ontario, Canada that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is best used from April until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 2.2 miles Elevation Gain: 216 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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washed out

There are a lot of ticks on this trail.

1 month ago

Some icy and wet sections on our late December afternoon hike.

5 months ago

Well we're advid trekers of this trail and today we went to walk it and apparently it has changed, there is a whole new loop and I loved the new trail, the old one has been "closed" and we didn't walk it as it started raining on us by that point. but the new loop is a little over 4km and the views are amazing! the highest elevation was around 200m and was a bit of a climb in some spots, I would consider this an easy to moderate trail. This is also a pay to park now so be prepared to pay the 5.00 on your mobile device.

over grown
10 months ago

BEWARE of the community of ticks that haunt this trail! I took my dog on this trail over the Easter weekend and found 8 ticks crawling on her fur during our long car ride home. There were a few ticks loosely roaming in the car too. We discovered some ticks attached to her the following morning as well. It is disappointing that the public notice at the head of the trail is not noticeable among the distracting fonts and messages on the park sign. I would advise against using this trail if you are hiking with children, if you are old or if you have a compromised immune system. *After looking into it, I discovered that this area is one of the Lyme Disease capitals of Ontario.

11 months ago

I've hiked this trail alone and with the family from early spring until late fall. The trail is well marked and the views are gorgeous. I wouldn't rate it as difficult but you should be careful on a few steep descents. Definitely take precautions against ticks. I actually stopped bringing the dog here due to the amount of time spent afterward removing them.

Wed Dec 05 2018

Half of loop closed and maintenance is not kept up on it -- the bridge at the end of loop near the Dark Sky Viewing (at Mellon Creek) has washed away or been removed and you will not be able to complete the loop (We did our hike in December mind you). Other than that great trail, fairly well marked.

Mon Nov 26 2018

I have done this trail a dozen times this summer. This time I decided I would try it in cooler pre-winter temps and with a small amount of snow cover on the ground. Clearly the parking lot is not taken care of in the winter months so don't enter unless your car/truck is sure to pass through the snow and ice. As I am very familiar with this trail and it's layout I was able to navigate the entire trail. The bright blue markers on the trees were very helpful. It's somewhat of a challenge not having the marking on the ground rocks but not impossible. ( also made easier that I am familiar with the trail) I probably added about a half hour to my usual time, taking into consideration the ice and snow, watching my step on the descents,and wearing more clothes/gear than usual. I used my poles for the first time and they were a great help. I did have wet feet at the end of my hike but well worth it. Please don't let cooler temps and a little now stop you from enjoying this beautiful trail.

Sun Nov 04 2018

I was here in Feb and it turns out half of the loop was closed. There was a trail that continued on, but not sure how far. Nice hike. Park on the road in the winter if you drive a car!

Wed Oct 31 2018

A lot harder than I anticipated but quite beautiful.

Fri Aug 31 2018

LOVED this hike. The bright blue trail markings made this 5 k hike so much easier. The views along the lake are impressive. There is a fabulous rock cut spot over looking the lake to stop, sit, and enjoy the quiet beauty. Once you get past the lake area the remainder of the trail is a series of small hill climbs, through very winding trails. Views of the area , some marshlands and forest. The trail is definitely moderate and was a great workout. Saw 1 deer, 1 snake and area was bug free today. Note. I initially turned into the Dark Sky observation lot. Not the conservation area. Watch the signs carefully. Can’t wait to go back when the leaves are changing UPDATE- Loved this trail so much I went back to try it again. This time I went counter clockwise from the parking lot which allowed me to end my hike with a extended picnic on the rocks over looking the lake. From there is was only 25 min back to the parking lot.

Mon Aug 06 2018

The Sheffield conservation area is a blue marked trail that doesn’t follow the all trails map except for the first km or so. Then the blue marked trail continues further west before looping back to the north through the wetlands. The trail is well marked with no more than 10metres between marks on trees, rocks or shrubs. It’s got a few great view points especially along Haley lake. Took about 75 minutes walking along with my dog.

Wed Jun 27 2018

Area was good and the trail quite well marked. Although the map as found here is not consistent with the trail marks. I am wondering if the trail has been changed since this map was uploaded. I became confused and didn't end up doing the proper loop. I still managed a solid 5.6 km hike but I will be returning to do the proper loop. The part of the trail that I did do was really great also a nice boat launch available.

Fri Jun 15 2018

Nice hike and reasonably well marked by blue paint on rocks. Some places need to step carefully due to rocks and low cut shrub roots etc. Took a tumble on one and make me think they should trim these to ankle height.

Sat Feb 10 2018

Great trail...there's a nice spot halfway thru to stop on a rock and enjoy the view...

Sat Jan 20 2018

I've gone here so many times and it always brings me peace. I love the views on top of the big rocks, the picnic area is great for gatherings and there's a boat launch/beach area that we always buzz around in. Love it. One of my favourites and so close to home!

Mon Oct 30 2017

Enjoyable trail, especially beautiful this time of year. Can't seem to complete the loop due to loss of trail. But I write to caution the # of ticks. Attempted south portion of loop and within 30min we were covered in ticks. 20+ on each of us. Heads up.

Sat Jul 22 2017

Great terrain, beautiful views, fairly lengthy for noobs.

Mon Apr 25 2016

Love it here. Nice trail. Not to hard. Some steeper areas but overall fairly easy.

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