Cabbagetown Neighborhood Tour

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Cabbagetown Neighborhood Tour is a 4.5 kilometer loop trail located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is accessible year-round.

4.5 km
31 m

kid friendly



Cabbagetown was the first neighborhood in Toronto to really catch the gentrification bug, going from a largely rundown area to one where it is rare to find an un-renovated home. In fact, according to the Cabbagetown Preservation Association it is the largest continuous area of preserved Victorian homes in North America. The streets are lined with stately brick row houses fronted by immaculate urban gardens. Homes range in size from cute little workers' cottages, to 3 story family homes, to a handful of mansions on Carlton Street. Parliament Street to the west is the neighborhood's main commercial street, with a wide assortment of cafes and restaurants, food shops, galleries, and other services. From around Amelia Street north to Wellesley Street there are many shops catering to a nearby Sri Lankan community. Cabbagetown is bounded on the north and east by greenery. St. James Cemetery, one of the city's oldest, lies to the north (not included in this tour). On the east side are Necropolis Cemetery and Riverdale Park. The land drops down into the Don River valley on the eastern edges of both of these green spaces.