Bendor and Graves Tract East Leg is a 3.2 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near East Gwillimbury, Ontario, Canada that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 3.2 km Elevation Gain: 60 m Route Type: Loop

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This is former farmland. Forest regeneration is active now. There is a trail around the outside limit of the property. It connects to the trail system accessible from Kennedy Road.

Very relaxing walk.

1 month ago

Dog friendly but muddy in spots. Great views especially at sunrise!

Good conditions. Dry in the Savannah area. Dry in the forest trail except 2 big puddles that require tip-toeing across logs.

6 months ago

I’ve been coming here for sometime now walking my 2 dogs. Great trail, and some really nice folks here that I regularly come across in the mornings. Mostly folks walking their dogs, and once in a while people on bikes, and rarely joggers. Also a great trail if you’re into photography as I’ve captured some beautiful images here.

7 months ago

Mostly fields, but good for a dog walk. Dog park awesome. Very easy.

mountain biking
8 months ago

This trail starts at a dog park but I did not pass any dog walkers throughout the trail. There were a few downed trees I had to get off the bike to go over but trail seemed in good condition overall with some decent elevation change. Fun rip and kind of close to other york region trails just south down the road.

Nice short trail. Dogs are allowed, but nobody picks up their dogs feces. You'll be hard pressed to not step in a pile of poo if you aren't careful.

Thu Apr 11 2019

Love this spot b/c it has a good off leash area at the start of the trail. Lots of side trails to explore too. Many people walk their dogs off leash here outside of the dog park, so consider this if you’re not a dog person. Forest trails nicer than the farmed tree fields in the middle of the trail. Very busy on weekends and evenings. Best weekday mornings, but except more heavily traveled than other YRF trails. Easy route for all abilities. Sharon Gun club is around the corner and shots can often be heard from the trail.

Sat Feb 02 2019

Decent off-leash trail and the off-leash dog park is a nice bonus. However, there is a gun club nearby and we heard constant gunfire throughout our walk. Luckily we seemed more bothered by it than our dog. Also, almost all the trees are planted and still relatively small. There are definitely better trails for off-leash dog walking nearby.

Fri Nov 23 2018

We enjoyed the trails and met a lot of friendly dogs walking their humans Lol. Will definitely be making this trail a part of our regular routine.

Sun Feb 04 2018

We had wanted to go to Raven trail however it was closed due to issues with beetles. This park was just down the street and we were traveling with our big pup. Much to his delight, the start of the trail is also a giant off leash dog park! The trail conditions were amazing and loved the side trails that took through the woods

Sat May 27 2017

I totally went off on a bout a bazollion side trails and got a little lost, but it was fun! It was late winter and totally gorgeous. One area, I swear I felt like I'd stepped into Narnia or something.

Sun Jan 29 2017

More information about the York Regional Forests here

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