Photos of Seal Bay Horse and Bike Loop

Distance: 5.4 miles Elevation Gain: 544 feet Route Type: Loop


horseback riding

road biking






26 days ago

Incredibly lovely, easy trails to walk, run, bike or ride. Many are wide, groomed old roads that meander through the forest. New trails have been recently added to accommodate horseback riding. Some paths are a little more technical, heavily rooted & rocky. Though there are enough route alternatives to allow patrons to avoid the worst of them. Gradual ascents & descents throughout - so there is NO climbs worth mentioning involved. Plenty of wooden bridges to cross the stream's that run mostly during the wet season. Trails are constantly maintained & regularly groomed throughout the year. Please take a trail map or download one at the entrances. If you aren't familiar with the trails - you can get lost. New parking lot on Hardy Road that has bathrooms, picnic tables, bike racks, and extensive parking for horse trailers. Best known parking lot is on Bates, across the road from the entrance. Bates road is busy, careful crossing. Dog's are on leash, but...if you have obedient, trail savvy, mannerly dog's that tend to listen to commands - there are area's that your dog's can be off leash. Please be prepared to pick up the poop your dog leaves on these trails. Thank you. As for the wildlife - walked these trails hundreds of times throughout the years - I've encountered more wildlife in my yard (especially deer) then what I've ever seen or heard there.

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