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Rice Lake via Rice Creek Loop Trail

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Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

Rice Lake via Rice Creek Loop Trail is a 1.7 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for walking, running, nature trips, and fishing and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 1.7 miles Elevation Gain: 72 feet Route Type: Loop

kid friendly

stroller friendly


nature trips







no dogs

NOTE: If starting from Lynn Canyon, the suspension bridge is closed.

Stunning lake with viewpoints the whole way round that are all worth stopping for. If leaving from Lynn canyon the suspension bridge is currently closed so you will have to take the long way around

2 months ago

Great trail for kids and families. Walked this at 36 weeks pregnant a few months ago and it was easy enough. Lots of people out on the weekend.

2 months ago

An amazing trail for hiking and it is stroller friendly. The kids loved it. 4/5 would recommend to families with small children.

This is one of our favourite hikes in the Lower Mainland. It’s easy enough for young children to walk the entire loop on their own. It’s stroller friendly too.

4 months ago

lovely little walk around the lake. easy with well marked trails. i liked the no dogs allowed aspect... went a few weeks ago on a cloudy day. was quiet and took less than 20 mins to loop around.

6 months ago

recorded Norvan Falls

8 months ago

Hiking with Akari and Rita

9 months ago

Very easy and pleasant walk around the lake. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a hike though. It’s fairly crowded with mostly families.

9 months ago

Beautiful trail. Easy to find a place to sit next to the lake and enjoy the view.

9 months ago

Nice easy stroll at to and around the lake. Easy for all skill levels and enjoyable views of the lake.

10 months ago

Nice location easy hike had a great start on a suspension bridge. Multiple options here, we took the lake loop and then walked to the falls. Saw a black bear which a local biker told us was rare.

11 months ago

It was a nice walk but definitely the boring part of my hike. It’s a tourist destination. Easy walk for families. Not a good place to go to see the greatness of Vancouver trails. You won’t feel lonely.

Sun Apr 21 2019

Lovely walk. Very easy trail, no elevation - just a beautiful walk.

Mon Feb 18 2019

The little lake was partly frozen and looked lovely with the mountains in the background. The trail was a bit icy and slippery. Some people put on cleats but others managed the trail with just sneakers. Trail head is quite easy to get to with transit.

Sun Jan 27 2019

Super cool family hike.

nature trips
Tue Jul 31 2018

Basically, there are two trails to this lake. One begins from the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge, the other starts from the Seymour-Capitano filtration plant area. If you wanna sweat a little bit I recommend do it from the suspension bridge route, otherwise, start from the filteration place. Stunning and scenic lake. There are a couple of cycling trails which might be exciting to do

Fri Jul 13 2018

This is a no dog zone, because it’s part of the city water reservoir, therefore we couldn’t walk there.

Mon Jun 25 2018

I did the trail today with my friend, we did three round of the trail, we ran totally 8.4km. Very easy trail and it took us 15-18 minutes for one loop about 2.7km.

Sat Jun 09 2018

Great run!!!!

Mon May 28 2018

Small lake but it is beautiful! Easy trail! I did with my friends one month ago.

Sun May 27 2018

Nice one!

Wed Sep 13 2017

Nice easy and beautiful walk

Thu Jun 01 2017

This is a good place to take people from out of town because it's not stupid it's in easy walk

Tue May 09 2017

easy and quick hike.

Thu Apr 27 2017

It's a nice loop for trail running. Well maintained.

Fri Dec 23 2016

Pretty walk through nature

Sun Aug 21 2016

Easy with kids

Tue May 31 2016

Nice and easy hike. Good with kid(s). It can get crowded in a sunny day though but still not too bad.

Mon Feb 08 2016

A great trail for trail running!

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