Pedley Pass Trail

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Pedley Pass Trail is a 7.6 kilometer lightly trafficked out and back trail located near East Kootenay F, British Columbia, Canada that features a lake. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking.

7.6 km
551 m
Out & Back







2 months ago

This hike should be rated as easy. Not sure what the red line is showing on the map as that's not what the hike is.
Relatively close to town, just need a truck. Continue on to the lake and up to mt aneas for killer views

3 months ago

See trail and directions info at

We drove our AWD VW Touareg SUV and had no problems for ascending and descending to/from the trailhead. The drive is quite slow and bumpy; make sure you have lots of clearance, good tires, and AWD wouldn't hurt either! Follow the directions in the link above and you should have no problems finding the trailhead (it might seem like forever thou!).

The start of the trail is well marked in a large parking area (that has an outhouse) and a wooden signpost. The path from the trailhead to the trail markers indicating the way to the tarn and the ridge is well marked (with ribbons), well traveled, with a path that is compacted gravel/soil with some loose rocky areas; a very good trial. The accent is steep and strenuous in areas; hiking poles are an asset.

At the top where the trail spilts, the path to the tarn is also well marked and well traveled. Views of the mountain ranges and ridges are plenty, and the tarn offers a nice and quite spot for a break! Maybe a quick dip too!

Back to where the trail splits, the path to the ridges is steep and strenuous; hiking poles recommended (and lots of water and sunscreen as there is no shade from the sun up here! ). You can stop at the top of the first ridge for some great views (and return to the parking lot the way you came) or continue along the set of mountain ridges up up up for better and better views! The trek continues to be steep and strenuous, but soon enough the decent begins! The end might seem to never come, but follow the ribbons as the path up here is not as traveled and might seem like your losing your way. Eventually ribbons (and an inukshuk!) will indicate the end of the rocky ridge path and guide you back into the forest down a well traveled path back to the parking lot (eureka!!!!).

Travel time for us for the path to the tarn and all the way around the ridges was about 3.5 hours (included plenty of water, food, and picture breaks! ).


PS - take plenty of water and snacks to keep your energy up. Also, there is no cell service anywhere during the hike. We encountered no dangerous wildlife, but a bird scared the $h|t out of my wife :D

3 months ago

Awesome hike, great views, different options. Highly recommended! Definitely also recommend a truck to get to the trailhead, doable in a SUV but the road is very rough

3 months ago

Short and sweet hike! Amazingly rewarding views. Recommend 4 wheel drive vehicle to get to trail entrance.

3 months ago

Rough road in, great hike and awesome views!

4 months ago

Fun hike. Not hard, but moderately intense as it's just hiking up up up. The lake (referred to as tarn on signage at a trail junction) is a gem of a spot.

The road in is pretty well bang on 21km from the highway & Windermere Loop Rd junction. The first 13km are fine but start deteriorating from 13 to the end. Trucks and SUV's required for the drive up.

4 months ago

Great hike with fantastic views and a Great Lake for the dog to swim in. I would rate this moderate not hard unless you scramble straight up instead of taking the well marked path.

5 months ago

Magnificent and fun trek with breathtaking views. Pretty intense drive in though, final few km is on a poorly maintained road that is very rough. Recommend 4x4 with good clearance. My Yukon with all terrain tires had a work out getting in and out and I barely had enough clearance to avoid bottoming out several times.

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