Panther Lake to Kwai Lake

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Panther Lake to Kwai Lake is a 5.6 kilometer out and back trail located near Comox Valley C, British Columbia, Canada that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips.

Distance: 5.6 km Elevation Gain: 179 m Route Type: Out & Back


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3 months ago

Late August day hike from Kwai lake to Panther lake and return. My family (wife, 2 children ages 7 and 13) left Kwai lake for the Forbidden plateau trail around 3 pm. Couldn't have asked for better weather, sun was shining with scattered clouds for small shade breaks. The trail itself is not maintained, however the trail is fairly simple to follow for the most part. There are a few old walkways that are falling into disarray but they were still fairly stable when we crossed them. There are a few water crossings that are an easy hop across (a few have make shift logs and rock bridges). Small streams and several small ponds are scattered almost evenly along the trail. Water was easily accesible (with the use of life straws for our hike). For almost the entire walk there were massive wild bluberry bushes loaded with ripe, plump and juicy wild blueberries for the picking. We met only one other group of hikers on the trail and they were on thier return trip. They suggested going all the way to Johnston lake. Sadly there was not enough time to make it all the way there on this trip with the few hours of light we had left. Maybe on our next visit. Just before arriving we came to a blockaded trail right before the river crossing that leads you to Panther lake (this one had trees across the creek). I will go down the blockaded trail some day. We arrived at Panther lake around 4:15-4:20 pm. The first part of the lake is rather bland and shallow like most of the ponds we had seen along the hike in. But as the trail wrapped around the north side of the lake the sheer immensity of the lake was awe aspiring. I bushwacked an old trail along a dry creek bed down to the lake side, where we sat an enjoyed the view and threw out a couple of lines. The fish were visible in the shallows of the water and in abundance. After several bites and sadly not a catch to be had the wainig sun beckoned us home back to Kwai lake and our beds. On our next trip out I'm hoping to go all the way to the campsites out at lake McKenzie and will record my trip. Happy Hiking.